Super hub - Status lights and control buttons

There are three indicator lights on the side of the Super Hub, each indicating different functions:

  • Top – WAN (green/blue).
  • Middle – Ready (green/blue).
  • Bottom – WLAN (green/blue).
  • One blue/red light behind the wireless button on the front panel.
  • Two LEDs on each RJ45 LAN socket (left = amber, right = green).
  • What is the normal operation – LED modes?
  • What are the control buttons?
  • What is the reset switch?

What is the normal operation – LED modes?

The light functions are described below:

  • Initial power on – side lights, all green, wireless button – red and blue together, LAN sockets – all blue.
  • Self-test – WAN light – will blink slowly (green),WPS (Wireless Protected Set-up) light – will blink slowly (blue).
  • Configuration and registration complete – WAN light on (green), ‘ready’ light on (green), WPS button (blue).
  • Operation – ‘ready’ light on (steady green), WAN light flashing (blue = high throughput mode, green = normal mode) WLAN light (green in 2.4GHz mode (recommended), blue in 5.0GHz mode).

What are the control buttons?

On-off switch – push the button that is underneath the unit on the right-hand side. The unit is on when the button is pressed in.

  • Wireless button – this can be found on the bottom left of the front panel and will be illuminated when the unit is switched on. The wireless button has two functions:
  • It is used to switch the wireless network access on or off. The default mode for wireless is ‘on’. To switch the wireless (WLAN) off, press and hold the wireless button for 1 to 2 seconds. The wireless LED indicator will go out when the wireless is switched off. To switch the wireless back on, simply press and hold this button for a further 20 to 30 seconds. Please note that the wireless can also be disabled from the graphical user interface
  • It can be used for the pairing of wireless devices using WPS. This function is described in the section called Adding a WPS Client.

What is the reset switch?

On the left-side of the Super Hub, there's a small hole with the word RESET. To activate, the RESET switch must be depressed for 1 minute. This will restore the unit to the original factory setting. This means that all other settings will be lost and the set-up process will need to be repeated.

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