Super hub - Configuring wireless devices

There are a number of ways to configure wireless devices. If the target device supports WPS then the WPS button(s) or WPS PIN can be used. If the device does not support WPS but does support one of the Wi-Fi standards IEEE 802.11b, g or n then it can still work with the Super Hub. In this case you will need to use either the device network adapter set-up or the device operating system to enter:

  • The SSID
  • The security mode
  • The passphrase

How do you configure guest networks?

As well as the standard WLAN it is possible to configure up to two guest networks (use the ‘Guest Network’ menu option in the ‘Advanced Settings menu’). Guest networks are useful if you have visitors and you’d like to give them partial or temporary access to your network resources and/or the Internet.

Note: Guest networks use locally administered MAC addresses. If you or someone in your wireless range uses a device designed to disable such (local MAC address) networks you could find your guest network is not stable. These devices can usually be configured to allow your guest network to function correctly

How do you add a WPS client device?

There are two ways to connect a WPS client device to the Virgin Media Business Super Hub. These are:

  • Pairing by use of the devices WPS button(s)
  • Pairing by entering the WPS PIN codes into the two devices.

The first of these will work if both devices each have a WPS button. Don’t worry if you have a PC that doesn’t support wireless networking – you can still connect if you have a spare USB port, using a wireless USB adapter. A compatible WPS adapter will have a ‘sync’ button. To pair (or connect) the devices, press the large illuminated button on the front of the Super Hub and hold for 5 to 8 seconds. Then, press the corresponding button on the device to be connected and hold for 5 to 8 seconds. The light behind the button on the Super Hub will return to a steady blue colour when the connection is successfully established. **

** Please note you’ll need to do this within 2 minutes, otherwise it will timeout and you’ll need to repeat the process.
Check the connection by opening a browser window on your device and accessing another local device or external web site such as:

How do you connect a PC using the WPS PIN?

To connect a PC using the WPS PIN code, which is useful if you’re not physically close to the Super Hub, do the following:

  • Log into the Super Hub ‘User Interface’ as described previously, then navigate to the ‘Advanced Setting Menu’ from the overlay ‘User Interface’
  • Select the ‘WPS Settings’ option from the Wireless menu

Note: This cannot be used in routed sub-net mode as DHCP is switched off.

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