What's MyBill?

What’s MyBill?

MyBill is our online billing portal and offers an alternative way of viewing your monthly invoice. Accessible through the internet, it allows you to view your statements online, plus run and schedule numerous reports relating to the charges shown on your bill. You can also download a PDF of your monthly invoice

What are the benefits of MyBill?

MyBill offers a whole host of features and benefits, plus 24/7 access to your billing. We’ve listed just some of the these below:

  • Instant access to your invoice – view online as soon as it's available
  • Get your invoice direct to your inbox
  • View up to 13 months of historic invoices
  • Create and download a variety of reports based on your invoice data and choose the format you find most convenient
  • Print PDF copies of your invoice whenever you like
  • View multiple accounts simultaneously
  • Identify non-business or fraudulent calls
  • Attribute call charges to individual cost centres
  • Analyse call patterns and use our charting tool, showing graphical images of your spend
  • Monitor call costs
  • Report month-on-month and year-on-year call trends
  • Download all unbilled call data, enabling you to have visibility of call charges not yet billed for.
  • Get email notifications direct to your Inbox

Find out more by viewing the video. If you have any questions, please call our Customer Care team on 0800 052 0800 (Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm) and they’ll be happy to help

How do I get access to MyBill?

You need to register for a username and password. Register here and then click on the Sign Up button. Once your details have been verified, you’ll receive an automated email containing your username and password. It’s that simple

I have a number of cost centres. How can MyBill help?

As well as running reports to identify usage profiles, MyBill enables you to set up and allocate charging elements to different cost centres.

MyBill also provides access to a rolling 13 months of historic bill reports (12 months +1 months current data), allowing you to track your costs.

Is there a standard spec of computer needed to use MyBill?

We don’t have any recommendations for a computer spec and great care has been taken to optimise this service for use across all browsers. However some older browsers may not fully support the portal and as a result, some users may encounter problems.

MyBill works on:

Firefox v20
Chrome v26

IE6 as a browser does not support many of the visual elements available in MyBill and thus we cannot guarantee that all functionality will work and display correctly.

MyBill supports a minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768, but a screen resolution of 1280 x 1024 is recommended.

Which services can I view using MyBill?

All fixed, recurring, rentals and call charges will be available, as well as usage, duration, destination, cost ranges and date ranges.

How far back can I see my bills?

We will hold 13 months of billing data (if available) and upon registering we load all of this data into MyBill for you, this means that you’ll have a rolling 13 months’ worth of data (current month’s bills plus the previous 12 months).

What reports are available?

MyBill offers a variety of standard summary reports and also gives you the option to create your own.

  • Cost reports: Charge Categorisation, Cost Range, Most Expensive, Usage, Invoice Summary
  • When reports: Monthly Call Analysis, Call Period, Longest Call, Call Duration Summary
  • Where reports: Destinations, Inbound / Outbound Summary, Frequently Dialled


  • Scheduled Reports Management
  • Call Reports Wizard
  • Charge Reports Wizard

Can I schedule reports to be emailed to me on a regular basis?

Yes – this is really simple to do. Just login into MyBill and follow the user guide instructions. Within a few seconds you’ll be all set up

Can I view usage generated since my last bill?

Yes. We already have this report set up for you, just select the “Daily Usage Report” within MyBill.

How can I be sure that online billing is secure?

We've taken a number of measures to ensure that viewing your invoices online is secure and that your billing data is protected. Access to MyBill is protected by a username and password and your online session will automatically time out if there's no activity for 30 minutes. Once the MyBill session has timed out you won’t be able to use the back button to view previous pages without logging in again. It's important that you keep your password confidential and we advise that you change it frequently.

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