VMB Wholesale & Kao Data: Building technology
ecosystems for the UK’s greatest thinkers

Meeting the demands of Big Data delivery

Enterprises running high performance computing (HPC) and Big Data processes place huge demands on their network infrastructure, including higher bandwidth with minimal latency between sites. That’s something that Kao Data knows all too well – as a cutting-edge data centre operator that hosts some of the world’s leading specialists in HPC.

The company's carrier-neutral data centre in Harlow is home to some of the UK’s most demanding compute infrastructure clients. To take just one example, one client operates one of the world’s fastest supercomputers, running at an incredible 400 petaflops and capable of performing quadrillions of operations every second. At this scale, only the very best optical connectivity services solutions would do. With such mission-critical workloads being provided for Kao Data’s customers, they were keen to add another national carrier with a high performance, reliable and scalable network to offer their customers additional choice.


Our partnership with Kao Data is just one of the forward-looking relationships we’re building with key data centres around the UK. Together, we’re opening access to high performance data centres for our customers, helping them to deliver the outcomes they need.

James Audley, Head of Product, Marketing and Strategy, VMO2B Wholesale Fixed


A strong and stable solution

As a major player in high-capacity optical services, with wholly owned access and core networks, Virgin Media Business Wholesale is perfectly suited to supply Kao Data and their customers with all the capacity and low latency connectivity they could possibly need.

We quickly established that it was vital for Virgin Media to have a presence on-site, and defined a solution with Kao Data for duct entry and rack space, as well as an increased fibre capacity to enable a scalable route into the data centre. Our technical team then worked closely with Kao Data and crafted a solution built around their customer’s specific needs.

We have deployed a High Capacity Service optical termination point enabling 10 to 100 Gigabit services, with ample fibre available to meet the needs of many customers. The presence is on-net using the Virgin Media Business network, which was not previously available at the site. With pre-built fibre and scalable hardware Virgin Media Business is in a great position to offer competitive pricing and fast service delivery. As a truly carrier diverse alternative to their existing partners, Kao Data can now offer the most dependable solutions to all its customers.


Virgin Media Business Wholesale were able to bring our Harlow site on their network to provide fibre-based connectivity through a route completely diverse from our other suppliers. This gives our customers a valuable alternative allowing for carrier resilience, as well as giving them access to the Virgin Media O2 network across the UK to connect to other sites or the cloud.

Spencer Lamb, chief commercial officer, Kao Data


Connecting the future

Our solutions are making it easier for high-tech customers in the UK Innovation Corridor to connect to this leading data centre, driving advancement for the global businesses based at the science and research parks stretching from London-to-Cambridge. Residing at a pivotal global location and home to thousands of knowledge-intensive companies - ranging from exciting start-ups to some of the world’s leading global technology logos - the park UK Innovation Corridor depends on failsafe connectivity.

The enterprises using Kao Data’s data centre are working on life-enhancing technologies, including medicines, diagnostics and communications. This is just the start of an ongoing relationship with Kao Data, as we build on opportunities to work together in the future and feed innovation right across the UK.

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