Win Hybrid Working in 2022 with Virgin Media HomeWorks

As hybrid working becomes ever more fundamental to how we work, it’s vital that home workers have access to the right tools & solutions to stay successful. From finding the perfect home office space, to managing work-life balance, there are a whole range of factors that you need to consider. Chief among these will be keeping your technology connected, secure and supported, often without the safety net of a dedicated IT team. We’re all too aware of how technology challenges like this can negatively affect remote working, which is why we created HomeWorks; a service that encompasses a number of security and support solutions designed for home workers who switch between office and home working. Interested? Then read on and find out how we can help you and your team win working from home in 2022.

Is there anything more frustrating than having a crucial technology stop working? What’s worse is that it usually seems to happen when you need it most - right before an important deadline or client meeting. What’s more, the ever increasing versatility of smartphones and tablets as business tools means that you’re often relying on more than just your laptop to work from home, whether you’re taking video calls on your phone or firing off a quick email using the printer.

We recognise that home workers run from all sorts of devices, which is why we offer Gadget Rescue, a service designed to keep all of your home gadgets up and running. Our expert tech team can cover everything from removing viruses and malware, to troubleshooting more common connectivity and functionality issues. The service is available 24/7 and our experts are able to access your gadgets securely and remotely, fixing 93% of issues at the first time. Whether you get your best work done on your laptop, phone or tablet, or even your Sonos or Ring Doorbell Gadget Rescue can keep them all online and working perfectly.

Next Day Technician - On hand and in-person

Sometimes something goes wrong quite spectacularly and no amount of Googling or remote support will fully resolve the issue. If you’re working from an office, you might be able to call on support from an in-house IT team, or at least a tech minded colleague, but what do you do if you’re working from home?

HomeWorks offers the reassurance of a next-day, in person callout service if you’re really stuck. It means that if your broadband goes down they will be addressed promptly, minimising disruption and getting your back on track ASAP. Hopefully, this is a service you’ll never have to use, but the fact that it’s readily available means that you can focus on what’s important to you, knowing that any issues you do encounter won’t spell disaster!

Keep your home working secure with F Secure SAFE 

One of the biggest challenges of working from home has been managing cyber security, particularly for small businesses with limited budgets to spend on firewalls, VPNs and virus protection. In fact, the Government’s 2021 cyber security breaches survey foundthat whilst malicious attacks are increasing year on year, fewer businesses have up to date malware protection and network firewalls than in 20201,partially as a result of increased homeworking.

For home workers, cyber security is a vital issue, but equally, a good security solution can’t be too labour intensive or expensive. Crucially, That’s why we’re offering home workers access to F-Secure SAFE, an award winning virusprotection software, as part of our Homeworks solution. Whether you’re concerned about viruses, or potential identity fraud, F-Secure SAFE protects upto 5 of your devices, all under one subscription. That means that when you’re working from home, on whatever device you might be using, you can rest assured that your business is protected from malicious attacks.


[1] ‘Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2021’, ONS,24.03.21.

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