Why your organisation needs HCS

Sep 26th 2017 

It’s never been more important to get the lowdown on HCS. 

Today’s insatiable demand for data means organisations need massive bandwidth in order to run safely and smoothly. In fact, to thrive in the age of ‘Big Data’, it pays to think big. And HCS is the answer data-strapped organisations that need a fast, dependable network have been waiting for.

It's a big deal

Virgin Media Business’s Sarah Limb is Sector Manager for Wholesale and SI. She believes our plan to substantially drop our HCS prices represents the perfect opportunity for organisations to improve both their network capability, and the service they offer to customers, clients and patients:

“HCS is basically a dedicated optical point-to-point that allows you to move high amounts of data from site to site at a dependable high speed,” says Sarah. “Today there’s an ever greater need to keep up with Big Data; we’re confident HCS will keep organisations ahead of the field.

“Nielsen’s Law of Internet Bandwidth says that requirements increase 50% every year and with the huge growth in SMART handhelds, laptops and tablets, as well as regular computers, it’s easy to see why. With HCS you won’t get left behind, and as organisations are being asked to work harder and more efficiently, hopefully the price reduction brings some welcome relief.”

A unique advantage

A survey by Information Technology Intelligence Consulting found 98% of organisations estimate an hour of downtown costs over £75,000. While HCS is offered by competitors, because we are the only service provider in control of our own national end to end network - from John O’Groats to Land’s End - we have a unique advantage.

“We have the capability to link sites at opposite ends of the country,” says Sarah. “For HCS we promise annual availability of 99.99% for protected services and 99.9% for unprotected services. We have 1500 people to keep our network working, and that support is invaluable to organisations relying on a seamless flow of data in both directions, 24 hours a day.

“We also provide tailormade solutions, offering bandwidth up to 100Gbps, which can be grown in increments of 10Gbps depending on customer need.”

Infrastructure evolution

As HCS is flexible and reliable, it’s an ideal option for organisations of all sizes. Scaling is easy, meaning that as you grow, your bandwidth grows too. It is also compliant with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which comes into force in May 2018.

Sarah says, “Small, medium and large businesses can be data-heavy with increasing backhaul requirements, cloud applications, data centres and file transfers to contend with. Even if you’re running a relatively small concern we’re your ideal trusted partner.

“Likewise, large public sector organisations that need to transfer data quickly across distant sites, with high levels of security, will find HCS an invaluable addition to their infrastructure. Along with the price drop, we are also speeding up the HCS quotation procedure, so costings will be delivered in just two days.”

So there you have it. If data transfers are eating up your time, money and bandwidth, HCS gives dependability and security at faster speeds. And with our more affordable pricing our HCS product is readily available for a wider range of businesses. Find out more over on our dedicated page.


  • 100Gbps – the fastest access speed on our fibre-optic network
  • 99.9% – annual availability for unprotected services (99.99% for protected services)
  • 2 days – turnaround for HCS pricing
  • 3-5mS – Lowest latency one way
  • £500 – base price for a 10Gbps service
  • 1500 – people working on our network
  • 100% – guarantee your data will reach its destination thanks to Wave Division Multiplexing technology

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