Who gets ultrafast next?

Connecting the internet have-nots

This year’s going to be huge for business’ digital potential. And if you’re still on a slow connection, it could be an absolute game changer for yours.

Project Lightning is our £3bn programme to connect 4 million more premises to the ultrafast Virgin Media network over the next five years.

If this sounds like ‘digital inclusion’ and a corporate tick box, be assured it’s not - it’s our purpose at Virgin Media Business. The reason we get out of bed in the morning is to help the whole of the UK #VOOM. And we don’t mean just London and the big cities.

Take Wrexham Industrial Estate for example, it’s one of the largest business parks in Europe, so it’s great news for everyone (and about time!) that it’ll be lit up with ultrafast broadband. The work’s already started and, as there are some huge names like Kellogg’s and JCB, we’re putting in vast pipes capable of 1Gb/second speeds.

Which is worth thinking about. If you’re on an industrial estate or high street that doesn’t have ultrafast internet, then register your interest. And chat to the other businesses nearby - get them to wave their hands too. Because this is a huge project and the areas with the most people who want it, are the ones that’ll get it.

If you’ve any doubt about the value of asking for ultrafast, here’s the difference it made to Red Paint Multimedia in Glasgow.

Case study

Imagine unleashing 100 extra days worth of productivity a year with no additional people and no additional spend. Is this the stuff of legend? According to Red Paint Multimedia, it’s down to the power of ultrafast broadband.

Red Paint Multimedia is a Glasgow-based digital agency specialising in website and app design, email marketing and web hosting. Just a month after installing its new connectivity, the company set loose the power of digital, embraced the Cloud and shaved its monthly outgoings. Almost overnight, the business went from up to 6Mbps to up to 200Mbps download speeds, and up to 0.5Mbps to up to 15Mbps upload speeds.

Founder and Director Andy Watson almost can’t believe the benefits the business has seen and the short space of time. He says...

“Our previous internet connection was not viable for our business. We’d pestered our suppliers for more, literally, for years, and were giving serious consideration to moving premises. We eventually spoke to Virgin Media Business and they were willing to take on our challenge.”


“Where we previously had an in-house server, we now have VoIP and Office 365. Where we previously used Sage, we’re now using Xero for our accounting software. We’re backing up to Amazon’s Glacier, having relied on USB backup, and for client meetings we can use Skype. We are also now working extensively with Adobe Creative Cloud.”

“And remarkably, because of the efficiencies we’ve been able to drive, the three developers in the business are gaining an extra hour a day, and because we’re no longer paying for two lines, we’re actually spending less money. This has all been possible after the phenomenal jump in speed.”

To boost your chances, get on social, talk to your local press and spread the word, asking everyone to register.

Consumers can register at

But as Project Lightning's begun – first check if you can already get ultrafast (and #VOOM even sooner).

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