Debunking SIP Trunking

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Think of the great analogue switch-off as an opportunity rather than an inconvenience.

It’s due in 2025, when traditional landlines will become a thing of the past and telephony goes entirely digital. We know what you’re thinking, “That’s six years away. I’ll worry about it closer to the time.” But it’s nearer than you think. So near that the most innovative organisations are preparing already. Don’t get left behind.

So how do you keep up with the best in business? SIP Trunking is one of our products within our suite of SMART Workspace solutions set to replace legacy landline circuits. It's an innovative solution that addresses the challenges of the switch-off. It converges voice with your data connection but allows users to retain all the features of traditional, enterprise-grade lines. In fact, more and more businesses are seeing the bright side of SIP Trunking as not only a replacement, but an enhancement of landline circuits.

“SIP Trunking is a straightforward solution that allows you to run your voice service over your data connection”


Flexible, scalable, dependable

Let’s hear from James Thorn, our SIP Trunking Product Manager.

“SIP Trunking is a straightforward solution that allows you to run your voice service over your data connection," says James. “It allows organisations to manage costs by converging voice connectivity with existing data connectivity. The SIP Trunk is the part of the cable that’s voice-dedicated. The service is flexible, scalable and dependable and means customers remain in control of their own kit, housed onsite. With traditional ISDN networks being switched off, SIP Trunking offers a game-changing solution.”

We'll manage the switch

Tempted? You should be. After all, SIP Trunking can help your organisation reach its full digital potential. In today’s competitive and increasingly uncertain climate, it pays to know where you stand when it comes to your network. With SIP Trunking you get a full suite of call-handling features: DDI (Direct Dialling Inwards), CLI (Call Line Identity), CLIP (Caller Line Identity Presentation), CLIR (Caller Line Identity Restriction) and Presentation Numbers. And that’s not all. If you’re keeping a close eye on budget – and let’s face it, who isn’t? – there are savings to be made as well.

“SIP Trunking is great for customers wanting to manage their own equipment,” says James. “It offers great scalability and functionality that flexes according to customer need. You can add, remove or re-route lines and services quickly. All this with zero disruption as Virgin Media Business is there to manage the switch.”

Keep it simple

So, SIP Trunking is about making your organisation more dynamic and efficient, while making your life easier. We reckon its benefits can be summed up in three words: flexibility, functionality and freedom.


Many organisations face seasonal rushes. Card retailers, for example. At Christmas their phones ring off the hook. And let’s not forget universities during Clearing. Just two instances when extra capacity is needed. SIP Trunking is flexible, enabling things to be scaled up or down depending on business need with impressive provisioning times to boot.


With SIP Trunking you get functionality beyond your wildest dreams. Honest. As well as all the great stuff – like scalability and quicker configuration changes than with ISDN – you also have some of the old-school telephony features you know and love. You’ll get call control functions to manage and prioritise traffic along with divert features to ensure you never miss important calls. There are no compromises. 


SIP Trunking delivers greater freedom. By converging your voice and data over a single SIP connection, you get to migrate to an IP-based service. There’s no need for on-site specialist support for hardware. We can install SIP over our SMART Connectivity solutions, be it internet access or IPVPN. That means we can configure your service so your voice traffic is delivered over secure, private networks, rather than out there in the wilds of the internet.

So there you have it. SIP Trunking explained. Are you ready to outsmart tomorrow, and start your journey to a SMART Workspace?


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