Entering the era of digital business

How to turn obstacles into opportunities

We partnered with Exec Survey and found that 73% of UK business executives label themselves as ‘Digital Desirers’. We can help you become a ‘Digital Doer’.

Everyone seems to agree that an organisation’s success is linked to its digital ability. After all, look at how digital disrupters like Uber and Netflix have revolutionised the way we travel and indulge in content. 

Putting a digital-transformation programme in place is great, but many organisations still face challenges along the way, like unexpected costs and complexity.

If you want to make the most of the UK’s digital opportunity – one that’s reportedly worth £92 billion – you need to recognise both the opportunities and obstacles you’re likely to face.

This report shares the views of 96 different companies. It examines the ways in which UK organisations are embracing the modern world of digital and explores the areas that are driving – or inhibiting – their progress.

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