Connection Queries

I'm having trouble getting online

To enjoy WiFi at our hotels, connect to the Travelodge WiFi network on your device. If you're having issues connecting to our service, here are some of the reasons:


You have used your 30 minute free WiFi allowance for the day.

To keep using the WiFi, you'll need to wait 24 hours or make a WiFi purchase.


You have bought WiFi but your time is up.

You’ll need to purchase some more time. The time is measured from the first time you use it. So for example, if you’ve paid online for 1 day starting at 17:02, it’ll finish the next day at 17:02. This covers 2 devices.


You are already using your WiFi purchase on 2 devices.

You can connect up to 2 devices under your account. If you wish to use a 3rd device, then you will need to purchase WiFi on that device


Your voucher code has already been used.

If the WiFi Code you have purchased is saying it has already been used, please contact the WiFi customer service team on 0330 660 1141 who can assist you 24/7. Standard call charges apply.


Your voucher code isn't recognised.

Your WiFi voucher code begins with a TL. Make sure that you've typed it in correctly (0s and 1s are easy to confuse with letters). If the problem still persists please contact the WiFi customer service team on 0330 660 1141 who can assist you 24/7. Standard call charges apply

I cannot connect to a second device

Each WiFi purchase has a 2 device limit. Your WiFi purchase starts when you use it on your first device, not when you first use it on the second device. Click on the link below on how to connect a second device How to Connect a Second Device (PDF - 0.5 MB)

I haven’t received or cannot find my voucher code after pre booking WiFi

Check your booking confirmation email and invoice.  Alternatively Log on to the Travelodge booking website and you’ll see a link to ‘WiFi bookings’ on the right hand side of the page, once in your account. This brings up a page showing your WiFi booking, including your voucher code. You can access the Travelodge website over WiFi on any device, even if you’ve used up all your free time.


Account Queries

I don't know how to login

If you have previously used your device at a Travelodge hotel there is no need to login. You can choose how you want to pay and get connected. If you are using a new device please enter your email address and password. If you cannot remember your password please follow the the 'Forgotten Password' link.

I’ve forgotten my email address. How can I find it?

Sorry. We don't have any way to recover your email address. If you can't remember it, then register again with a new email address.

I’ve forgotten my password

Click on 'forgotten password' link and follow each of the instructions to reset your password. You will need to be connected to the internet to retrieve a verification code from your email. Our customer services team do not have access to your account password. It is important to remember your WiFi and password combination.


General Information

How much free WiFi can I get?

Every 24 hours you get 30 minutes free WiFi inside the hotel. The time starts from when you click connect on the 30 minutes free button.

What does the WiFi cost?

You’ll find the current prices on the Travelodge WiFi landing page, as shown below. Each payment or voucher (pre-paid WiFi) allows you to connect up to 2 devices.


24 Hours - £3.00

48 Hours - £6.00

72 Hours - £9.00

1 Week - £12.00

2 Weeks - £20.00

4 Weeks - £35.00

How do I pay?

Online with a debit card or credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or you can use PayPal.


Simply follow the instructions on the WiFi landing pages. You can also pre-pay when you make your room reservation. If you pre-pay, you’ll be sent a WiFi code which can be found on your booking confirmation email, your invoice/receipt or you can get it from Reception.

How much internet access do I get?

Every WiFi package has a 2 device limit and the time depends on the package you purchased. If you bought a 24 hour WiFi package online this will start the moment you connect e.g. if you start at 17:02 it will finish at 17:02 the next day. If you bought a WiFi code when you booked this will activate when you enter the code and connect in the hotel.

How many devices can I use once I have purchased WiFi?

Up to 2 devices - once a device is connected you cannot edit/remove or amend it.

Can I use the WiFi I’ve bought at other Travelodge hotels?

Yes. Your payment gives you access at all other Travelodge hotels in Mainland UK. So if you’ve paid for WiFi access (e.g. for 1 month) at one hotel, you can get online at any Travelodge hotel during that month, by logging in to your account. 

Does Virgin WiFi support MAC address randomisation / Private Address?

Yes, Virgin WiFi supports connections from WiFi enabled devices with MAC randomisation enabled. With MAC randomisation enabled, you will be able to connect, register and authenticate to a Virgin WiFi network.


However, if you’re connecting to a paid WiFi network or using a voucher code and have device limits, we recommend disabling the Private Address (or) MAC randomisation feature on your device to avoid filling multiple device slots on your account.

How do I know if Private Address (MAC address randomisation) is enabled?

If you have recently upgraded your iPhone/iPad to iOS 14 or Apple Watch to WatchOS 7, the Private Address feature is enabled on all your networks by default.


To find out what software version your device is on, go to Settings, then tap General, and then tap About. If the Software Version mentions 14.0 or above, you will have Private Address enabled by default. 

How do I disable Private Address on my iPhone / iPad?

Disabling Private Address is easy. Follow Apple’s instructions below to disable Private Address for a network: 

Open the Settings app, then tap on Wi-FiTap on the information button next to a network (in this case, the network you’re connected to).

Tap on the Private Address toggle to turn it off, a privacy warning will pop up, and click on Rejoin. 

To ensure this is done immediately, we recommend turning your WiFi off and on again.  Once connected back to our network using the hardware MAC address, all of your paid WiFi products or voucher codes will be applied to the device immediately and you will not be required to purchase a new WiFi service. If you’re using a Free WiFi service and have previously already submitted your data to get online, you will not be required to re-enter your data to authenticate to your service.

Doing the above will only change the Private Address option for the network you’ve selected, and will leave the Private Address feature enabled for all other networks on your device.

Where can I read more on this new feature?

Click on the following link to read more on Apple’s support page:


Still need help?

For any WiFi support, call 0330 660 1141

Standard call charges apply