How do I connect to the Ultimate WiFi service?

Just select ‘Premier Inn Ultimate WiFi’ from your list of networks.

How can I pay for WiFi?

Online with a Visa, MasterCard or American Express, debit/credit card, or you can use PayPal.


You can also buy a voucher from the hotel reception.

Is there a limit to the number of devices that my voucher will work with?

Yes. You can use it with up to 3 devices.

Why doesn’t my voucher work?

Vouchers are alphabet-character only and aren’t case sensitive. Make sure that you haven’t typed in numbers instead of letters.


Premier Inn vouchers also have an expiry date. So check your voucher code’s still valid.

How much does it cost to get online?

Premier Inn gives you free WiFi throughout your stay. If you want to upgrade to the Ultimate Service, the cost of this is £5 per day.

How many devices can I link to my account?

You can name up to 3 devices on your account.


If you buy the Monthly or Annual Ultimate package, you can swap one of your registered devices, every 30 days (to do this, contact our customer services team on

How’s my access measured?

It’s always measured in time, from when you first use it. So 24h access starts and finishes at the same time, one day apart. It’s not measured by online usage.

How can I add more credit to my account?

If you try logging on with an account that doesn't have any credit on it, it prompts you to top-up your account. Follow the instructions to add more funds.

I’ve forgotten my username or password. Help!

Go to the WiFi landing page and follow the forgotten password process. Our customer services don’t have access to your password, so they can’t tell you over the phone.

Can I use my account at other Premier Inn hotels?

Yes. And if you’ve any paid-for access leftover, you can use it at any other Premier Inn hotel.

Parental controls

Because we serve a wide range of customers with different needs, we only apply basic filters to our internet service. Obviously parents may want more control. Here are a few links to help, depending on the device you’re using: 

iOS (Apple devices):

Google search:

Windows (laptops plus Nokia, Lumia or Microsoft phones):

Blackberry (via Vodafone):

You’ll also find smartphone apps that help filter child-friendly content (see the relevant app store for your options and reviews). 

See the Ofcom website for more information on how to keep your children safe online.



For any Corporate or Public WiFi support, give our customer service team a call 24/7 on the number below.

0330 660 1028