Hitron - Wireless network settings

Checking your wireless network settings

To see the device’s connection status you’ll need to log into the Hitron Network Manager then click the wireless network settings button on the left hand side.

You'll see the following:


Select the relevant tick box to Enable/Disable 2.4GHz or 5GHz wirelessfunctionality on your router.

Security Mode

We recommend you select the ‘WPA Auto’ option. This gives good securityand the connection is supported on most computers and devices.


This is the Service Set Identified (the name for your wireless network). Simply leave it as the default, or change the name to something elseif you prefer.


You’ll find this on the back of your router. You can change it so it’smore secure if you like.


Your router will automatically scan and set itself to the best availablechannel – but if you want to you can choose any channel you like.This is handy if there are signal interruptions caused by microwaves,DECT phones or something similar.

Please note: If you’ve already got a Hitron router from us and want to take advantage of one of our multi-staticIP address options (e.g. 5 or 13 static IP addresses), then you’ll need an additional router to enablethe full WiFi capability. You can purchase the additional router from anywhere.

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