Hitron – Add a new device

From computers and laptops, to printers and smartphones - you'll be surprised at how many devices you can connect to your router.

Step 1

Bring your device into the same room as the Hitron router. This will give you the strongest wireless connection. (Don’t worry, once it’s connected you can move around the office.)

Step 2

Select your wireless network from those available. Open the wireless settings or Network Manager on your device, then select your wireless network.

Depending on the type of device, one or two WiFi network names (SSID) will appear and will be something like VM2XXXXX and/or VM5XXXXX. Your WiFi network names (SSID) can be found on the label on the back of your router. We recommend you connect to the 5GHz SSID if your device is compatible (if your device isn’t compatible it won’t show you this option).

Step 3

Enter the password (passphrase) for your network when asked. You can also find this on the back of your router.

That’s it! Your device should now be connected.

If you’ve chosen to take advantage of one of our multi-static IP address options (e.g. 5 or 13 static IP addresses), in addition to the VMB supplied Hitron router, you will require a customer provided router to enable WiFi capability.

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