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Roam Like Home

If I make a call from the UK to a European Union (EU) country, is this included within my allowance?

We’re afraid not. Roam Like Home only applies while you’re roaming. A call made from the UK to France, for example, would be treated as an international call.

If I make a call from an EU country back to the UK (for example, Spain to the UK), is this included within my allowance?

Yes. A call made back home to a UK mobile or landline while you’re roaming would be included as part of your allowance.

If I make a call from one EU country to another EU country, is this included within my allowance?

Yes. A call made to a mobile or landline in the EU, while you’re roaming in the EU, would be included as part of your allowance.

If I make a call from an EU country to a country outside of the EU, how will I be charged?

A call made from an EU country (including the UK) to a country outside of the EU (for example, a call from Spain to the USA) would be treated as an international call and charged in this way.

Acceptable Use Policy

I’m going to be travelling around the EU for 14 weeks. Will I be breaking the Acceptable Usage Policy?

Yes, you will be. Here’s how the Acceptable Usage Policy works: in every four-month period, you must spend more time in the UK than away somewhere else. If you’ve been in the UK for two months, you’ll be able to roam in the EU for two months with no trouble.

If you do break the Acceptable Usage Policy, we’ll get in touch two weeks before the surcharge kicks in. This will give you time to get back to normal usage and avoid the surcharge being applied.

I’ve received a message saying I’ve exceeded my Acceptable Usage Policy limit. When can I use my data allowance again without having to pay a surcharge?

Once your data allowance refreshes, everything will return to normal. Your data allowance will refresh on the same date as it usually does back home.

I’ve received a text saying I’ve exceeded the Acceptable Usage Policy limit. When will the surcharge kick in?

In the text message, we’ll have given you a two-week notice period. If you haven’t returned to normal usage after this time, then the surcharge will be applied.

I’ve exceeded my Acceptable Usage Policy limit and incurred a surcharge. When will the surcharge stop?

The surcharge will stop when you get back to the UK, or when your data allowances refresh. If you go over the Acceptable Usage Policy again, after your data allowance has been refreshed, the surcharge will kick in again too.

What can I do to prevent incurring Acceptable Usage Policy surcharges?

It’s a good idea to switch to local WiFi services whenever you can.

You can also turn off mobile data – or limit the data you use by turning off automatic app updates, and avoiding streaming ‘data-hungry’ services such as YouTube, Spotify, and on-demand TV and radio services, for example Netflix and BBC iPlayer.

Acceptable Usage data allowance

I’m having difficulty calculating my Acceptable Usage Policy. Please can you help?

The Acceptable Usage Policy is calculated by taking your monthly airtime cost (excluding VAT), multiplying this by two, and then dividing that number by the current EU wholesale cap. The current data wholesale cap is included in our tariff tables.

As an example, if you have a £10 plan, your data allowance would be calculated as follows:

• Your £10 Monthly airtime cost excluding VAT is £8.33

• The EU wholesale cap is £6.51 per GB (correct as at 15th June 2017)

• £8.33 multiplied by two, then divided by £6.51, gives you a fair usage of 2.56GB

• This means you can use 2.56GB of data before receiving a surcharge

So, if you have a £10 tariff that includes 2GB of data, you’ll be able to use your allowance without incurring a surcharge. But if you have a £10 tariff that includes 3GB of data, you will be able to use up to 2.56GB without incurring a surcharge. The surcharge will be applied once you exceed the 2.56GB Acceptable Usage Policy.

If you have a higher-cost monthly plan, then your Acceptable Usage will be as follows:

Cost of Monthly Plan (inc. VAT)



Acceptable Usage




You’ll need to enter your PIN when accessing your voicemail abroad.  As you can only create your PIN when you’re in the UK, please do this before you travel.

To set up a voicemail PIN:

  • Call your voicemail (You can usually do this by holding down the ‘1’ key on your phone)
  • Choose option 3, ‘Settings and features’, from the first menu
  • Follow the instructions from there

Tips for creating your PIN

  • It must be between 4 and 10 digits long
  • It can't be a single digit repeated, like 1111
  • It can't be an ascending or descending sequence, like 1234 or 7654
  • It can't be your phone number, or part of it
  • The numbers 7890, 2580 and 1210 can’t be used as your PIN
  • It can't be the same as a previous voicemail PIN

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