Business today moves fast. And we’re just as keen to get your finances organised as you are.

When will I get my first bill? / Why has my first bill arrived before or so soon after I received my new SIM?

Business today moves fast. And we’re just as keen to get your finances organised as you are.

We usually let you know that your first bill is ready a few days after your service starts. This simply shows the first monthly charge, plus any upfront costs and payments.

We’ll keep any itemisation of usage for your next bill, which will arrive a month later. This will include the monthly charge for your second month, as well as any extra costs from your first month.

When will the Direct Debit normally be taken?

The Direct Debit date for each bill will appear at the top of your online bill, and in the bottom right of the printed or PDF version.

This date will be the same each month, except when that would fall on a non-banking day (Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays). When this happens, the date that we show will be the next working day.

This will always be the day that we will actually take the payment, so you know exactly what you’re paying for and when.

What is a billing period?

The billing period is the length of time since your last bill, during which we’ve collected all the charges for this bill. Your bill will include all charges since 00:00 on the start date until 23:59 on the end date. Your billing period always starts on the same date every month (unless for you that's the 31st, in which case we’ll start it on the 30th in shorter months).

With Roam Like Home, you can use your mobile in the EU, and pay no more for your texts, data and minutes than you would in the UK. However, if you’ve gone over the limits set out in our acceptable use policy, you may see roaming charges on your bill.

Travelled a while ago and see charges appear from an earlier billing period? This happens when information from our partner networks has gotten passed over to us late, so we weren’t able to display it right away.

The billing period will always align with your inclusive allowance period, and your bill will show the monthly charge for the next allowance period – the one that starts the day after your bill date.

Why is the bill period less than a month? / Why do I have more than one bill this month? 

We understand that business can change quickly. Whether your new product has taken off, or you’re a little quiet planning your next big move, we want to make sure you’re getting all the data you need and only paying for what you use. That’s why we allow you to change your plan as often as once a month.

If you’ve requested to switch your plan, or have made any other changes to your bill or Direct Debit date – or if one of your numbers has been added to a group bill (which changes the bill date to align with the group) – there will be one month in which we bill you on both the existing and the new bill dates.

Your allowance periods will change at the same time, so you’ll also get a new set of allowances at each bill date. And you won't pay any extra either, as the first of these monthly charges (the one that’s due to be taken on your existing date) will be reduced to cover the shorter-than-normal allowance period.

The second bill (the one that starts on the new date) will show allowances covering a full month, corresponding to a full monthly charge.

Why is there no mobile number or tariff details showing?

Cancelled your contract? We’re sad to see you go. We’ll send you a final statement once all the charges have been paid to show you that your final invoice is zero – or in credit.

This bill will not have a mobile number.

Why does it say, ‘We can't collect your balance by Direct Debit’?

If your Direct Debit has been cancelled or deactivated, we won’t be able to collect your bill balance. You’ll need to get in touch with us to pay this, and set up or reactivate your Direct Debit.

We know you’re busy, but if you do this as soon as you receive your bill, we may be in time to collect your next Direct Debit. Otherwise, we’ll need to take payment by card – sorry!

Why does it say, ‘Your balance is for information only’?

If your total account balance is in credit, or at zero, we won’t need to take a Direct Debit payment this month.

You can leave a credit balance on your account, and we’ll use it to reduce your next bill (or bills).

When will I get my next bill?

Each of your bills will normally be produced on the same date every month. We’ll let you know when your most recent bill has been checked and is ready to view, a couple of days later.

If you change your bill date, we’ll produce one more bill on your existing bill date, and another one on your chosen bill date. The allowance period will change, so the last bill on your existing date will show a lower monthly charge to make up for the shorter allowance period.

I’m VAT registered, so can I use my bill to reclaim VAT? Can I get a VAT invoice?

You certainly can.

You’ll be able to get a copy of your VAT invoice by logging into ‘My account’ and clicking on the link labelled ‘VAT invoice’, just below the ‘Total Amount’ in the ‘My bill’ section at the top of your online bill. This will open a PDF version of your VAT invoice, which you can save or print.

To select an older VAT invoice (from the past year), first select the bill using the 'View bills' drop-down menu. Then click on the ‘VAT invoice’ link when the bill appears.

Why do some of my calls and texts not show a called number?

We get our information about your roaming charges from our roaming partner networks around the world. Sometimes this information is incomplete.

This can be the case for text messages you send, and occasionally for calls you receive when you’re roaming. Sorry about that.

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