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Why does my bill show that I still owe money?

If you haven’t paid your last bill yet, we’ll include the amount you still owe in this bill. It will appear as ‘Other amounts’ on your online bill, and on the first page of your paper or PDF bill.

There could be some other reasons for an outstanding amount on your bill:

There may be a problem collecting your Direct Debit. We’ll explain this on your bill, and will also send you a text to ask you to call us.

Or you could simply have changed your bill or Direct Debit date recently, so your last bill may not yet be due. In this case, we’ll collect it on the due date we put on your last bill. The remaining balance will then be taken when you pay your most recent bill.

Why is my bill higher than expected?

Your bill may be higher than you expect because:

A promotional discount or promotion, for example a discount on your tariff, might have finished.

If you requested another item, such as a paper bill, in the past month – and paid for it using your bill – this will be shown as ‘Other costs’.

If you used your phone while you were outside of the EU, these charges will be shown.

If you’ve gone over the mobile web data included in your tariff, or exceeded the limits of our acceptable use policy, the extra charges for this will be flagged as ‘Exceeded allowance’.

If you changed your tariff part of the way through your billing period, you may see an additional charge for this time period – as well as your monthly charge for next month.

If you see extra charges for ‘Picture messages’, this may be because your mobile device is converting long text messages to picture messages. You can change this setting on your mobile device.

What are ‘Other costs and credits’?

Got a charge or credit on your bill that doesn’t relate to any of your mobile numbers? It’s probably because you ordered something extra, like a paper bill or an accessory.

These charges are listed below your mobiles on the line headed ‘Other costs and credits'. Any previous months’ balance and payments will show here, too.

What are Service numbers?

Service numbers are numbers that provide an extra service, such as directory enquiries, chat lines or information services. They begin with 084, 087, 118 and 09.

The cost of calling these numbers has an 'access' element, which we set, and a 'service' element, which is set by the service provider. You will see one combined charge on your bill.

Some of these numbers may be included in your tariff. If that’s the case, both the access and the service element will be covered.

If you call one of these numbers while roaming outside of the EU, you’ll be charged a different access charge depending on where you are calling from.

You can find out more about access charges at

Please refer to the individual service provider for details of their service charge.

What are Premium texts?

A Premium text is a message that’s charged at a higher rate than a standard text message. Premium-rate numbers will usually use a short code instead of a full mobile number.

You might send a premium text to enter a competition or vote as part of a TV show. The service provider may send you a Premium text message in return that comes with a charge too.

Premium rate texts are not covered by your text allowance.

Some service providers offer a subscription service. If you 'opt in' to these, you may receive a premium-rate text regularly – or as a notification for an event, such as football scores or breaking news. Each text will be charged to your bill.

If you would like them to stop, text ‘STOP’ or ‘STOP ALL’ to the short number you’ve been getting the texts from.

What are Personal numbers?

Personal numbering is used by virtual number services. It directs an inbound call anywhere in the world at the request of the owner of the number.

Because they begin 070, they are sometimes mistaken for mobile numbers – but they are not covered by your allowances, and will have their own rates.

For more information about the costs on your tariff, click here:

Why can I not see any 0800 or 0808 numbers?

Great news! 0800 and 0808 numbers are free to call from your mobile. We won't charge you for using them, or deduct any minutes from your allowance.

Ofcom rules say that free calls must not be displayed on your bill, which is why you won’t see them.

What are International calls and texts?

International calls and texts are those made from, or sent from, your mobile while in the UK to an overseas number.

To call internationally, dial 00 or + before the relevant country code.

It’s worth noting that calling a UK mobile while it’s roaming overseas is classed as a UK call, not an international call.

How is mobile internet use charged?

Mobile internet use on your phone is measured in Kilobytes (KB), Megabytes (MB) or Gigabytes (GB) of data. A MB is 1024KBs and a GB is roughly 1024MB.

If your tariff includes a mobile data allowance, a certain amount of data use will be covered by that allowance each month. Once your data allowance is used up, you’ll be charged for any additional data that you use.

Your bill will show how much mobile data you’ve used every hour. Each amount will be labelled ‘Using the internet’. I’m afraid we can’t show you details, like exactly when your mobile connected to the internet, or what websites or apps were used.

With all our business mobile packages, you’ll gain exclusive access to 250,000 Virgin Media WiFi hotspots across the country – so you can stay connected, even in places without mobile signal, like the London Underground. You’ll use mobile data when your device connects to the mobile network, but not when it’s connected to WiFi.

Your mobile may be using mobile data in the background even if you’re not doing anything, for example when your mobile checks for new emails or looks for an updated weather forecast. There are other occasions when it’s more obvious that you’re using mobile data, like when you’re sending emails, viewing streamed video or audio, or just browsing the internet on your mobile device.

If you connect your mobile device to WiFi, it won’t need to use any mobile data, so you can save your data allowance (and save money) by using WiFi whenever you can. The Virgin Media WiFi app can help you find and connect to free WiFi where ever you are. The details are here:

We’d also recommend taking advantage of data-free messaging, which is included wherever you’ve got data in the UK. This means you won’t use up your data when you use Twitter, Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp (1)

(1) Data-Free messaging on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Twitter: Standard UK messaging (video, picture, audio, plus tweets and Twitter DMs) does not deplete data allowance. Calls (video and voice) and live video streaming excluded. When monthly allowance via standard data usage is reached you will be charged £3 per 1GB (or part thereof) a day (resetting at midnight that day). We welcome new messaging partners to this service.

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