The invoice layout for our Virgin Media Business Mobile invoices is changing.

We’re changing the billing platform that your Virgin Media Business Mobile invoices are generated from.  As a result, the invoices issued to you for your mobile phone services will look different and your Direct Debit payment date will change. 

The good news is that your new invoice will be in the same style and format as other Virgin Media Business invoices you may receive currently, making it easier for you to understand.

These changes will take effect between March and April 2019, depending on your current billing cycle. If you have multiple accounts, then you will receive a new invoice for each account.

We’ve written to you previously to advise you of this but here is a reminder of the key changes.

What’s changing?

There are a number of different changes, outlined below.

Your invoice will look different.  We’ve put together a bill explainer to show the key changes,

Click here for Bill Explainer.
- Your ‘Bill date’ and ‘Direct Debit payment’ date may change and your new date can be found on the front of your new bill.

- The presentation of VAT on your invoice will change: today charges are presented as inclusive of VAT, moving forwards these charges will be presented exclusive of VAT and the VAT will be itemised on your invoice separately.

- Any spend cap you have set up will change to an ex VAT value, rather than inclusive of VAT as it is currently.  If applicable to you, your ex VAT spend cap value will be displayed under the section titled “Mobile usage summary”.  Please check this carefully and contact us if you need to amend it (0800 052 0800, option 4).

- All previous historical invoices will still be visible in the ‘My Account’ portal that you use currently.

- All new invoices generated will be available to view and will be stored within MyBill, our online billing portal.

We’ll arrange the initial set-up to the new billing portal for you and you’ll receive an email when your first bill has been loaded onto MyBill.  To complete registration, view your invoices and access all the great features of MyBill, please make sure you activate your registration by clicking on the link provided within the notification email we send you from MyBill.

About MyBill

Available 24/7, MyBill offers a whole host of features and reporting options.  You can also have your invoice emailed directly to you.  We’ve also got a variety of Help videos to support you, simply visit MyBill Help to find out more.

Billing Transition Period

When we move your mobile account(s) over to the new billing platform, you will receive two invoices for this month only. The charges will be split over two invoices to account for the transition in billing period, but this does not affect the overall amount paid.

Your last invoice from the existing billing platform will be sent to you on your usual billing date and will cover your usage charges up until 23:59 on the day that your mobile phone services are moved to the new billing platform.  The second invoice you receive will be sent shortly afterwards and will be in the new bill format.  This will contain a pro-rated monthly rental charge from the last bill date to the new bill date plus any usage charges from the migration date to the new bill date. 

N.B. Depending on your billing period, your new style invoice may arrive first, followed by the last invoice from the existing billing platform.  The explanation of the charges above still applies.

You’ll only receive two invoices during this monthly bill cycle.  After this time, we’re pleased to say that the new billing changes will be in place and you’ll be issued with a regular monthly invoice. 

This notification constitutes a notice as required under our agreement with you, we hope it explains the changes clearly but if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Care team  or via Live Chat.  Alternatively you can call the team on 0800 052 0800 (and select option 4).

Duplicate charge on your first bill plus a credit  

We need to let you know that we applied an additional rental on the 5th March 2019 in error but rest assured, we have corrected this and your total bill amount has not been affected.

However, you will see this additional charge on your new bill within the ‘Rental Summary’ section but a credit for this has also been applied and this can be found in the ‘Transaction Summary’ on page 2 of your invoice. 

We apologise for any confusion this may cause you and we hope this clarifies the situation.

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