Medium Business - Installation journey

We have set out below key information in respect of our customer order journey to help you understand how we deliver our services. However, this information is not meant to substitute or supplement our standard terms and conditions which will govern how specific services are provided to you.

Once you’ve placed your order

You’ll get a dedicated order manager. They’ll call you within five working days to welcome you, check your order details and explain the next steps. Together, you’ll arrange an install date.

It’s important that you check the details provided in your order are accurate and correct and that you let us know if they aren’t when we call you, as this will form the contract between us for the services.

We aim to complete your installation on our first visit. But depending on the complexity of the job, you might also need a site survey.


Your installation journey...

Site Survey

Usually, you’ll only need a survey if we have to do external cabling work but we will let you know if a survey is required for other reasons. Just so you know, our surveyor may take photos.

On the day of the survey, you’ll need:

1) Someone on-site
We will need you to provide access to site to meet our surveyor and escort them round the site to answer any questions.

2) A copy of your asbestos register
(If your building was built before 2000). Unless we see this document, the survey can’t take place and we’ll need to reschedule – which could delay your order .

In about two working days, your order manager gives you the survey findings. Then we’ll have a better idea of how long it’ll take to complete your order.


Construction or Cabling

After our survey, we’ll know if we need to do any cabling or construction work (like digging up a road), to connect your building to our network.

Sometimes we need to liaise with other land owners and/or leaseholders to schedule this work in, which can affect how quickly you’re connected. But your order manager will update you, every step of the way.

Here’s a list of some of the common reasons for hold ups to your install. We’ll work with you to get them sorted, fast.


Engineer Installation

1. Update:
Your order manager keeps you up to speed and arranges an installation date with you (as soon as all cabling/construction work is complete).

2. Check:
Two working days before your agreed install date, we’ll call you to make some final checks and give you our engineer’s contact details.

3. Install:
On the day of install, our engineers will arrive anytime between 8am – 5pm. Please ensure that the site is ready for install, including sufficient power supply and appropriate space for the installation to complete.

4. Complete:
After it’s fully tested, your order manager will confirm that your service is now live. Please be aware that the service will take up to 48 hours to stabilise.


BIS Certificate (brought into service)

About 48 hours after your services have been installed and tested, your order manager emails you a copy of your BIS (brought into service) certificate. Keep this safe, as you may need it (i.e. in the event of a fault).



Your first bill is likely to be higher than normal – because it includes installation charges and each new service is pro-rata. So if you pay monthly, your first invoice includes the remaining part of the month, plus a full month. (It’s the same for quarterly or annual billing.)

Take a look at our bill explainer to see what yours will look like.

Did you know you can access your bills 24/7 with MyBill, our online billing portal? It’s quick and easy to register.


Transferring a number

After your installation, transferring a number (from your old provider to us) can take 7 to 10 days. To reduce delays, we give you a temporary number and use this for testing.

The day after your install, you’ll get a date and time for the transfer. You’ll need to be onsite at this time to make sure everything’s working.