Super connected cities – your bills faqs

Why have I been billed for the install?

You have received an invoice for the installation for your records and to account for your VAT liability. You will need to pay Virgin Media Business for the VAT and your service charges. The council is footing the bill for the rest.

Why is my invoice split in 2?

We separate the account into 2 invoices. One invoice shows your services and allows you to pay these via direct debit if you choose. The other invoice is for the install charge which will be covered by your council under the SCC scheme so it is kept separate and doesn’t affect your preferred method of payment. You will, however, have to make payment for the VAT on the install by one of the methods listed on the reverse of the invoice.


Council related questions

Why have I been sent restriction letters for what the council owe?

We can’t stop these automatic reminders from being sent as part of the SCC scheme but you don’t need to worry – this is not held against your account, and won’t affect your credit rating at all. Until payment has been received from your council, and allocated by us, you will continue to get these notifications. Please just file, shred or recycle them.

Why has it taken so long for the council to pay?

Many customers have taken advantage of this scheme and each has to have paperwork signed and processed through the relevant council and then through us to apply to the account. The time it takes for us to receive payment varies by council but is usually within 6 months from the date of installation. We aren’t able to ask about the status of payment on your behalf but if you’ve been waiting for more than 6 months, please feel free to contact your local council to check when payment is due.

Why has it taken so long for the council to pay?

Please email a copy of the remittance from the council if you can get one. Alternatively, please provide the name of the council, the amount paid, the date the payment was made and the bank details it was paid to. Once we have tracked down the payment, we’ll take up to 60 days to process it, and you’ll see this on the next invoice. After this, you’ll receive a final invoice and your invoices will stop.

When will the council funds be paid?

The funds will be applied to your account within 60 days from the date we receive them from your council. We advise you to wait for the next invoice to see whether this has been applied. You should receive a final invoice within 8 months of the installation date of your service. If you haven’t, please call us to find out the status of payment.

Will I be restricted due to non-receipt of the council funds?

No, the net install charge is not recognised as your debt so no restriction will be placed on your account as long as you are up to date with the other charges.

Why do I have to pay the VAT?

During the order process you or someone in your business will have signed a document explaining the process for the SCC scheme and that you pay the VAT on the installation. We have access to copies for each business enrolled in this should you want to remind yourself. You pay the VAT because the council cannot pay this and allows you to claim it back.

Can you send out a revised invoice for the VAT?

No, we cannot issue a bill or invoice showing VAT separately or provide VAT receipts. Please refer to the total VAT charge and any balance brought forward on your installation invoice for the amount due to be paid.


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