Some of our sort codes have changed

If you pay by BACs, then please read this important information...

A Government directive has been issued to all UK banks which means that they need to separate the sort codes used for personal and business banking.  We use Barclays Bank and as they are making this change now (in advance of the deadline) it means that, as a result, some of our sort codes will be changing.
These changes will take effect on a staggered basis, depending on which services you have and how you are billed.  Please see the table below for more details to see if you’re impacted.

Area ref (this varies - see top right of invoice) Existing sort code New sort code
6 digit account number 20-11-81 20-11-99
London 20-11-81 20-11-99
20 20-96-89 20-96-97


Although you can continue to make BACs payments using our previous sort code, you will receive automated banking notifications until you update your banking/BACS payment system details with the new information.  The notification you’ll receive is called AWACS (Advice of Wrong Account for Automated Credits Service).

 There is no change to the bank account number you pay your BACs to.


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