Common questions about unbilled data

How do I view my unbilled data?

Simply click on the 'Invoices and Downloads' section and select the 'Unbilled' tab. Unbilled data is loaded daily

How long is my unbilled data available for?

Unbilled data is available for 3 months.

How do I sFTP (secure File Transfer Protocol) my unbilled call data?

Unbilled data can be transferred via sFTP to a server within your organisation. To do this, you need to set up a sFTP and you will find this option within the Administration section of MyBill. For security, the sFTP details are only sent to the Administrator upon registering for MyBill. Please contact the Administrator in your organisation for more information.

Why doesn’t my unbilled data match the cost of my billed data?

This is because at the time of billing, additional discounts could have been applied to your calls which are not visible in your unbilled call data. Additionally there are timing differences between your billed and unbilled data.

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