New Mobile reports and refreshed columns in MyBill Reporting

 Get A Better View of Your MyBill

We want you to get the most out of using MyBill. And so, we’ve made some improvements to MyBill downloads, and, created several new mobile reports.


To provide you with greater detail and clarity into what you’ve used, we’ve added a few new columns to Long and Short Phone Summaries downloads.


We’ve removed a series of columns for Transmission Types in the Long Phone Summary download only, which means that you’ll no longer be able to see them.


Conversely, we’ve added in associated columns for each Transmission Type, based on whether it is a duration (voice), Data, or an Event- based activity. We’ve also removed the average columns (Average Duration, Average Cost, Average per/minute) from the following reports: Cost Range, Usage, VAT Exempt, Call Period, Call Duration Summary, Destinations, Inbound/Outbound, Multiplay Service, Transmission Type and Bundle Usage.


For customers who have a mobile plan with us, the good news is you can now get a deep-dive on your mobile use, thanks to three newly-created mobile reports. You can focus on each one which applies to you, when, and, as you wish. These are entitled: Roamed, Not Roamed, and Roamed Received. Each mobile report allows you to see exactly how you’ve been spending your mobile allowance.


You can find all the details which relate to our latest improvements in our User Guides, which can be found on our Help & Support page in MyBill.


If you need more details around these changes, we’ve created a “MyBill Download Specification” document. It describes each of the downloads available on MyBill, and provides you with a basic specification for each one. Click here to view the document on our website.

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