Premier Inn - Free service

Can I get free access on multiple devices?


What if I want to stream films, TV shows or download big files?

For a connection that's up to 8x faster, upgrade to the Ultimate WiFi from only £5 for 24 hours (for up to 3 devices.) To get started, just select ‘Premier Inn Ultimate WiFi’ from your list of available networks.

How much free access do I get?

The Premier Inn free service is available 24 hours a day and is ideal for email, social media and general browsing. Just so you know, our free WiFi service is limited to 1Mbps download.

Parental controls

Because we serve a wide range of customers with different needs, we only apply basic filters to our internet service. Obviously parents may want more control. Here are a few links to help, depending on the device you’re using: 

iOS (Apple devices):

Google search:

Windows (laptops plus Nokia, Lumia or Microsoft phones):

Blackberry (via Vodafone):

You’ll also find smartphone apps that help filter child-friendly content (see the relevant app store for your options and reviews). 

See the Ofcom website for more information on how to keep your children safe online.


Still need help?

For any WiFi support, call 0330 660 1141

Standard call charges apply