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Big Red Internet

Say goodbye to bandwidth upgrades


Big Red Internet unshackles your internet connection enabling you to grow your organisation without the hassle of managing and budgeting for upgrades or bursting!

What you'll get

  • A high speed business internet connection with access to all 1Gbit/s of bandwidth and unlimited usage
  • A managed service from a provider with over 15 years experience of supplying thousands of customers with internet access

All for a one-off annual fee - giving you cost certainty and no surprise expenditure during the year. The fixed annual fee is now so low we're not even whispering it in public. Contact us for details. 

A flexible network

  • Unconstrained bandwidth and usage on a 1Gbit/s bearer, allowing you complete freedom and flexibility
  • A symmetrical and uncontended connection which means you have access to the same amount of bandwidth both in and out of your network and you wont be sharing it with others
  • A service delivered on our accredited next generation Ethernet network, ensuring great performance and reliability.
  • A Business class SLA with 24/7 support, so you know you're in safe hands

Take the hassle out of managing your internet connection 

  • Managed Cisco Router – if you don’t have the necessary skills to configure and manage your Router 24x7, then we can do it for you.
  • Resilience - if the thought of a service outage fills you with fear, our resilient solutions will keep you online, all the time.
  • Security - an unsecure internet connection can present a real threat to your business. Let us help you safeguard your business with our range of Managed Security Services.
Big Red Internet is designed to help you:
Discover how we can connect and transform your business.

Features & Benefits

More time to focus on the important stuff

When extra demands are put on your network, Big Red Internet means no additional demand is put on you. It gives you back the time to concentrate on growing your business.

  • No need to do things like budget for upgrades.
  • Easily manage seasonal variation in bandwidth use e.g. online traffic use
  • Enable business continuity

What you'll get?

  • Big Red Internet provides high speed internet connection between your site and our Point of Presence (PoP).
  • Installations go to a single site with wires-only connections using the latest Ethernet providing seamless connectivity to the global Internet. More about Ethernet connections.
  • A Managed service option with a Cisco router is available, with proactive network management extended to customer site and online performance reporting
  • Connection is delivered on unconstrained 1Gbit/s bearer.
  • Additional security and resilience options available.
  • 24/7support is provided by our UK based Business support team.
  • Online reporting lets you track your connection performance, including utilisation, availability and errors.

Choose how you want it

  • Routers - Simply use your own or let us take care of this with our managed service.
  • Fully managed service – chose from a fully managed service using Cisco routers at your site, right through to the gateways on the public internet backbone
  • Resilience - a range of dual-homed, multi-homed failover or load-sharing options.
  • Security - use your current systems or choose from one of our products, such as Managed Firewall.

No hassle - it's all taken care of

  • Network capacity and performance - the UK’s only nationwide fibre optic network.
  • Transit and peering arrangements - our unmatched transatlantic and European connectivity, along with world class peering agreements,ensures quick and efficient delivery of internet traffic worldwide.
  • SLA – a comprehensive and competitive business Service Level Agreement.

What You'll Get

Service Level Agreement

The integrity of your service is protected by our first class business Service Level Agreement (SLA) that’s both comprehensive and competitive. In the unlikely event that our Big Red variant of Managed Internet Access (MIA) service fails to meet its targets, we’ll credit your service. See how Managed Internet Access works.


Our dedicated team of Business Solution Consultants are on hand to ensure your requirements are met to a ‘T’. They’ll happily manage everything from start to finish.

Online reporting

Online reporting allows you to track your connection performance in an easy-to-view graphic format via a browser.

Domain Name Services

Domain names say so much about you. We’ll register or transfer any on your behalf to host on our Primary and Secondary DNS servers. We’ll also ensure that domain name records are kept up to date.

SMTP mail backup - Our MIA service provides you with the facility to use the Virgin Media Business SMTP backup service as a Secondary server to your mail server. In the event of your Primary email server being unavailable, incoming email can be received by our service. It’ll be stored and forwarded on to your Primary email server as soon as it’s available.

Security Options

Managed Firewall

A firewall is an essential component of any internet connection. A MIA Firewall from Virgin Media Business can be provided in addition to your Big Red variant of MIA service to help secure your business releasing you from the burden of monitoring and maintaining a firewall solution. More about MIA Firewall.   

Managed VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) can be deployed in conjunction with your MIA service to provide a cost effective and secure way to connect remote sites and remote users to your networked applications and resources. More about VPN.   

IPSec VPN access provides cost effective ways to securely connect remote sites to your centrally hosted applications and resources. Whether you’re a small organisation with a few remote sites you wish to connect, or a large organisation with many distributed sites, we can design a solution specific to your needs. By providing a secure, private tunnel between devices, it's an ideal way to extend your private network across the Internet. See how to extend your network with IPSec VPN.   

SSL VPN uses a browser to establish a secure SSL connection to your internal systems. It delivers real flexibility, removing the burden of installing and maintaining software on any device and enabling precise control of end users. It’s also ideal for providing remote access for Employees, Customers and Partners from any type of end user device, from any location. Find out how SSL VPN works.