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Pain free parking

It’s well known that parking can be a complete nightmare. The parking industry is an extremely old fashioned and fragmented sector that is in need of a technical solution. This confusion causes UK drivers to get fined over £600m in tickets.

AppyParking overcomes the fragmentation within the parking and driving industry. By bringing the private and public sector together, AppyParking provides an informed, accessible, timely, cost-effective and easy-to-use central hub of information to innovate in a much needed area. AppyParking is an agnostic and holistic solution that will lead to further innovative developments such as zero click parking and live parking availability. By looking to save money and increase productivity we can alleviate this problem and save billions not just for the UK but also for the European Economic Area. The backing from Virgin will rubber stamp our project as endorsed, by a highly innovative company, for creating positive change. The campaign funding and expert advice from Virgin would propel us to the next level, providing us with the expertise required to create a truly pain-free experience. This allows the project to continue at an faster rate and also on a larger scale.

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At present no solution exists for solving the problem of parking in a large city like London. Our “competitors” would be looking to solve one side of the parking problem, but with our holistic approach, we will become a truly disruptive product. 20% of cars on the road are circling in search of parking and so we will reduce the impact of stray cars searching for spaces and ultimately helps reduce traffic flow, pollution, congestion and improve health and safety and quality of life of residents. Drivers will spend less time, money and fuel driving around trying to find a space giving them peace of mind. AppyParking is also partnering with Ford Motors in a technical solution that will change the way we park forever. Traffic congestion is predicted to cost the UK economy £300 billion over the next 16 years and the economic cost of London traffic gridlock estimated to reach £9.3 billion by 2030. The faster AppyParking grows, the larger the benefits will be.

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