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Mobile Data Unleashed with Ethernet Backhaul

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A new breed of mobile data backhaul

A new breed of mobile data backhaul

Imagine a mobile backhaul network with almost limitless capacity. You could say goodbye to data bottlenecks, traffic slowdowns, and the endless cycle of costly capacity upgrades.

Sound good? We think so. That's why we've introduced a new breed of mobile backhaul network. It's a fibre-to-the-cell-site system based on synchronous 1Gbit/s Ethernet (known as SyncE).

Capacity shouldn't cost the earth

SyncE over fibre revolutionises the existing relationship between capacity and cost. It delivers very low mobile latency, with synchronisation built in. In other words, you'll get a huge capacity boost without it costing you the earth.

Data, data, everywhere

Let's face it: capacity is a problem. Mobile data usage is exploding. Last year it doubled, thanks to the smartphone revolution, data-hungry mobile apps, and video streaming sites like YouTube that use almost 130Mbit/s for each hour.

And the signs are that it's going to keep on growing. In fact, by 2015 we'll all be using an astonishing thirty times more mobile data than we were in 2009, according to current forecasts*.

Mobile Data Unleashed with Ethernet BackhaulThe result is that cell sites are being asked to handle far more mobile data than they were ever designed to cope with. Ethernet is cheap bandwidth but until now hasn’t had synchronisation; synchronous digital hierarchy (SDH) does have it, but also has a prohibitive cost per megabyte. Something's got to change, and more copper and radio is not the solution.

By solving the synchronisation problem with mega-bandwidth Ethernet, we’re opening the doors to affordable mobile bandwidth.

Mobile broadband like you get at home

By jumping from the 2Mbit/s or 100Mbit/s circuits you're using right now straight to our next generation 1Gbit/s Ethernet backhaul, you’ll be giving your customers a mind-blowing upgrade to their mobile browsing. You'll be offering them the potential for broadband data speeds on their phones similar to what they get on their home connection. Bottlenecks and mobile data congestion will simply evaporate. 

We don't know exactly what the future will bring, but we're pretty sure it will involve even more mobile data. That's why we've designed our backhaul network to be highly scalable. Right now, you can add more 1Gbit/s Ethernet capacity whenever you need it, and later we'll be offering 10Gbit/s Ethernet upgrades as well.

Ready for long-term evolution when you are

We're also expecting 4G. If you're planning long-term evolution (LTE) rollouts then the good news is that our Ethernet backhaul is LTE network ready - it's very low latency and there's no need for any modification or adaption. When you choose to launch an LTE service your 4G backhaul will already be in place, and you'll have the capacity to cope with its demands.

Everything Everywhere and Three on board

Right now we're building out our Ethernet backhaul system to deploy a seamless SyncE solution for MBNL Ltd and this will give UK customers of Everything Everywhere and Three super-fast access to mobile data on the move.

This will be the UK's only synchronous Ethernet mobile backhaul service and as part of this we're building 14 regional aggregation networks across the country to enhance MBNL's bandwidth capacity as it lays the foundations for a transition to 4G.

Mobile backhaul from Virgin Media Business: key facts

  • High capacity: every cell site is physically connected to high capacity fibre optic cable.
  • High performance: cell sites are connected to one of 14 new regional aggregation networks being built over the next 18 months, providing high-performance data throughput directly to mobile operator networks.
  • Low latency: our mobile network architecture minimises the hops from cell site to operator network. That's ideal for LTE services, as it provides exceptionally low mobile latency.
  • Low cost: 1Gbps synchronous Ethernet (SyncE) means high capacity, no synchronisation problems and an end to costly site visits for copper or radio upgrades.

* Source: Yankee Group Research: Backhaul Challenges and Opportunities, Q1 2010.

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