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High Capacity Services

Up to 400 Gbit/s point to point connectivity


If your business depends on moving huge volumes of data across the UK, we can ensure it happens quickly and securely.

Connect your sites with optical point-to-point links and take advantage of our nationwide network. At 186,000km, we have the largest next generation fibre-optic network in the UK – ideal for connecting sites whether they’re local or at opposite ends of the country.


Whether you’re connecting to a shared data centre, linking up your own data centres or extending your LAN environment, our high-capacity network will get your data moving quickly.

Connect sites throughout the UK via our nationwide network with speeds of 1Gbps to 10Gbps. If that’s not enough, let us build you a dedicated solution to deliver up to 400Gbps capacity between sites within 100km of each other.

We’re present in many of the UK’s leading data centres. So we’re ready to connect your business to these sites whenever you are.

What’s more, we’ll take care of everything for you with a carrier class SLA and a 24/7 service desk so you’ll have all the support you need.


  • Reduce your capital expenditure – with the network and equipment owned and maintained by us, you don’t need to invest in your own network.
  • Know your costs – competitive, fixed-cost rental options give you a choice of payment plans to suit your business. 
  • Flex as you need – once the solution is in place it’s quick and easy to add extra capacity to meet your evolving network requirements.
  • Reduce risk – you can rely on our standard service, but for total peace of mind, we can design a bespoke solution that further ensures your service’s availability.
  • Save time – we manage it all for you so you won’t use time and resources on managing this specialist solution.


Our high-capacity service is built using Wave Division Multiplexing (WDM) technology, which cost-effectively delivers multiple services through a single connection. And with low latency, your data will get from A to B faster than ever whether it’s data storage, LAN/WAN connectivity or video transmission.

We’ll work with you to configure the best network for your business based on your choice of a dedicated or a national high-capacity service:


If your sites are within 100km of each other, you can take advantage of a connection and equipment that’s dedicated to you.

You’ll be able to light up multiple services, quickly and at a lower cost, facilitating highly efficient data centre connectivity.

Small, medium and large system options allow you to strike a balance between cost and scalability.

Designed to deliver massive amounts of data securely between two sites, it’s a high-security network which can be scaled up as your needs change to deliver up to 400Gbps across 80 circuits.

We’ll work with you to design and deploy your ideal network from simple point-to-point connections to the most complex network topology.


The National variant uses our nationwide optical core and access networks and extensive fibre footprint. It offers a national wavelength service without distance limitations, so you can connect sites at opposite ends of the country and maintain extremely high-speed speeds and low latency.

It’s perfect if you’re bringing together a number of remote sites on to a single optical network.

Choose from speeds of 1Gbps to 10Gbps, support for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint configurations and a variety of resilience options.

We’ll work with you to design the perfect solution for your business.