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When size really doesn’t matter

There’s no such thing as ‘too small for ultrafast broadband’. Not when you’re reinventing the way an entire industry works.

It’s not difficult to see why Hassan Iqbal is a Young Digital Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist. He’s 18 and runs his own digital agency. With ambitions to create a world-beating operation. Not just building websites. But transforming all digital operations for his clients. And he’s found a unique way to do it.

By running a virtual company where all his staff are work-from-home freelancers, he can deliver the same quality as his larger competitions. At a fraction of the cost. ‘If a traditional agency’s charging £500 for a job,’ says Hassan, ‘We can do it for £250. And the quality’s just the same.’ So this is one man, working from home with a distributed team.

No need for ultrafast broadband then? ‘Actually, ultrafast is the lifeblood of my business,’ says Hassan. ’I couldn't survive without it. I need to be in constant contact with everyone, moving huge amounts of data around and still have bandwidth to spare. If the connection went down, we'd be at a standstill.’

As Hassan explains, he could be sending a 2GB file to a client at the same time as collaborating with his freelance team. Oh, and when all that’s happening, an automated backup might be running and there is always the odd Google search that needs to happen too. There’s no place for egg timers in his business.

Creative Pixels


Quicker Service

‘With ultrafast you don't notice the difference between a one gigabit and a ten gigabit file,’ says Hassan, flashing his trademark enthusiastic smile.

‘It all just works and is completely reliable. There's no stalling, stopping and re-starting as a file downloads. It all just happens. Ultrafast broadband makes work enjoyable.’
Getting stuff done quickly also reduces costs. And that makes his smile infectious for clients.

 ‘We're expanding, taking on a lot of new work,’ adds Hassan. ‘My clients are other SMEs and they don't have time to wait either. Ultrafast broadband means they get the service they're looking for, at the price they can afford.’

Regular copper? No thanks

As a Young Digital Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist, it’s no surprise that Hassan understands the alternatives to our next generation optical fibre. But they don’t seem to impress him very much.

‘ADSL is slower and less reliable,’ he says. ‘Virgin Media Business isn't just a nice-to-have. It's a must-have. I can't ever see a time when I won’t need more bandwidth.’
Hassan, sir, we salute you.

You’re reinventing an industry. Improving the world for your clients. And you’re doing it with a smile. You’re exactly what we mean when we say: ‘Let’s #VOOM!’