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#VOOM - Pitch to Rich

Hegarty Maths

Hegarty Maths

- Colin Hegarty meeting David Cameron to receive his teaching award. -

Here's a thought-provoking blog from our Pitch to Rich runner-up, Colin Hegarty, award-winning teacher and founder of innovative online learning tool, Hegarty Maths. He discusses the potential pitfalls of applying the 'disruptive' ideology, so common in the startup ecosystem, to education technology, and how we might ensure that edtech innovation is a powerful force for good in our education system.

Colin told us that one of the main reasons he applied for Pitch To Rich 2015 was the opportunity it would give him to help radically change maths education in this country and beyond. He wants everyone, no matter their income or life circumstances, to believe they can do maths - a core subject that is crucial to modern science, business and technology. He told us that the day he pitched to Sir Richard Branson at Second Home in London, he took a backstage photo that showed every whiteboard in the co-working space covered with algorithms, flow charts, matrices and venn diagrams. It was clear to him that maths was central to the innovation in this buzzy entrepreneurial hub, and his vision was even more empowered.

Read his thoughts on edtech disruption in this interesting blog on his website.