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How to improve your communications and cut costs

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Looking to communicate faster? Well, here’s a fully symmetrical service that can help you speed up the transfer of information over the Internet or over a remote LAN connection.

Our ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) uses digital technology to transfer voice, data, internet applications and video conferencing, without the need for a modem. And it lets you send information and make calls simultaneously – it’s that clever.

Just the job for rich-media graphics and applications like video conferencing. And all at an unbeatable price.


ISDN PR (Primary Rate or ISDN30) is a digital connection, typically used for voice and data.

Offering up to 30 independently acting 64Kb channels, it’s ideally for organisations where quality and resilience are paramount, such as businesses with eight or more lines and an on-site PBX.

Our customers often buy the ISDN PR service and link it to a PBX at a 5:1 contention ratio, so they’re operating five telephone extensions to one ISDN PR channel.


  • Complete solution – our service offers end-to-end digital connectivity. We offer the Q931 or ETSI PRI European standard for Primary Rate as standard and also support DASSII.
  • High-speed Local Area Network – LAN to LAN, and LAN to host communications network covering a small geographical area, such as an office or group of offices.
  • Cost-effective connections – connect workgroups between locations, with competitive install and rental costs.
  • Online access – gives your people fast access to the Internet and other online services.
  • Resilient solution – great for providing backup to other access technologies.
  • Symmetric – allows simultaneous voice and data transmission on up to 30 channels (64Kb channels per circuit).
  • No-hassle setup – you can keep your existing number, subject to porting agreement with the Number Range holder.
  • Performance – our purpose-built network, the UK’s largest privately built network, delivers carrier class reliability and quality of service.
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To find out more about how this product can help your business:

Our ISDNs are delivered with an exceptional 99.98% service availability, supplemented with the further assurance of 24/7 maintenance cover.

In addition to that, our SLA is one of the best you’re likely to come across, with a commitment to respond to you within two hours and provide a fix within four hours.

You’ll also enjoy competitive call tariffs and plans and a range of call-handling features.


Depending on your equipment, our ISDN service can support the following advanced call-handling features:

  • Direct Dial In (DDI) – improve efficiency by directing callers to the right person without having to go via a switchboard.
  • Call Divert – never miss a business opportunity by diverting calls on Busy or No Reply to an alternative call handler.
  • Calling Line Identity Presentation – see who’s calling before you answer. Identity Restriction is also available.
  • Call Barring – restrict calls out to defined number types, such as expensive Premium Rate or International services.
  • Sub Addressing – expand your number beyond the ISDN so that different computer databases can be assigned individual addresses. This means incoming data calls connect only to the information they need, providing control and security.
  • PLUS… other features such as call waiting and three-way calling.
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Product resources

To find out more about how this product can help your business: