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Enterprise Business Mobile

Take your business everywhere


Handsets, devices, mobile and data SIMs, USB modems and mobile WiFi hotspots…

Make life simpler by bringing them all together in an easy-to-manage and cost-effective way.


Choose Virgin Media Business to support your mobile comms and you’ll enjoy access to the UKs largest mobile network. Yes, we’ve partnered with EE to give you 3G coverage to 98% of the UK's population and superfast 4G wherever available.

Add to that the latest handsets and devices, and a wide range of flexible tariffs, and you’ve got everything you need to support your business and your budgetary needs.

When you bring it all together you can:

  • Make life simpler by only dealing with one supplier and one team that really knows your business
  • Streamline your ICT processes through a single supplier for fixed and mobile
  • Manage everything centrally and get rid of any unnecessary fixed or mobile connections


Enabling your business with a strong mobile strategy, complete with the right tools, gives your people the freedom to work flexibly and take your business anywhere.

By staying in touch with the office using the UK’s largest mobile network, your staff can check emails, websites and important documents on the move, so business never stops.

Combine this with your Unified Communications strategy, including all your fixed and mobile telecoms on one network, and you open up your business to the wealth of opportunities that collaboration brings.

Features & Benefits

Today’s business is faster because it no longer stops when people are out of the office.

With the right tools, your teams can communicate and access company resources whether they’re in the office, a cafe or another country. Wherever they are, whatever device they’re using, they’ll always be able to get the job done.

Here’s some of the ways Virgin Media Business can support your mobile business:

  • The latest devices – You’ll get your pick of the latest Apple, Android, Windows and BlackBerry devices, as well as flexible tariffs to suit you.
  • Superior speed and connectivity – When you go mobile with us, you’ll be running voice and data across EE’s mobile network. With nationwide 3G and 4G coverage reaching over 95% of the UK's population, you’ll be connected to the fastest network in the UK.  In independent tests, the EE network was proven to be 50% faster than any of its competitors for average 4G download speeds for the UK as a whole ( And, if you need to boost the coverage inside your office, we can help with signal boosters too.
  • Options for roaming abroad – If your staff travel regularly, we’ll help you keep a lid on roaming charges with competitive costs to keep your people connected whether they’re home or away.
  • Trackable usage – Track your usage and bills through an easy-to-use online portal. You’ll be able to keep on top of your costs and analyse how your staff are using their mobiles so you can get the most out of your tariffs.
  • Security built–in – You’ll get built-in protection for the data on your devices, so they can be remotely disabled if they’re ever stolen. You can also subscribe to device management services to remotely lock and wipe them.
  • Dedicated support – Whether it’s one of your users who needs help, or it’s something affecting your network, a dedicated team will make sure your business stays connected.
  • Integrate data and voice – You can integrate data and voice on your fixed and mobile networks using a private APN over the EE network. Great for accessing corporate data and applications anywhere, from any device.
  • Keep costs down – Hook your company mobiles up to your corporate voice infrastructure for cheaper calls between your staff. With On-VPN calling, dialing mobile-to-mobile, fixed-to-mobile and mobile-to-fixed phones is just like making an internal call.
  • Flexible solutions – We will configure a business mobile package around your needs – from the whole whammy to 4G SIM only packages starting from just £10 per month.
  • Easy to switch – We’ll make it as easy as possible to switch from your existing supplier. You’ll be able to keep the same numbers and we’ll let you know what’s happening at key stages of the switch so you can carry on with business as usual.