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Remote access in safe hands


Today, more than ever before, it’s so important to make information available to both internal and external users. That’s why, whether your priorities are increased productivity, more flexible working arrangements for your people, or improved communication links with your suppliers, business partners and customers, remote access is paramount.

For some companies, providing secure remote access to so many from a multitude of devices to a broad range of corporate resources is a gargantuan task. So you’ll be happy to know that we manage our SSL VPN. A relaxing thought indeed.

And whatever life throws at your business, by way of disaster or sudden disruption, our SSL VPN solution can support rapid relocation of your people to remote locations, to make sure your business doesn’t miss a beat.

Key features

  • Our supremely secure remote access service, coupled with Managed Authentication plus a variety of Access solutions.
  • Robust security - SSL VPN solutions support a wealth of advanced security capabilities, including: host integrity checking; granular definition and enforcement of access policies; control over specific end user functions such as copy, print and save; and extremely detailed logging/auditing of user activities.
  • We offer a managed solution that will oversee the provisioning of your services and include the ongoing management and maintenance of the service in life.

Here's how it works

Provided using acclaimed technology from Juniper Networks, our SSL VPN provides secure end user access to your head office. We’ll supply, configure and install a Secure Access (SA) device, which will typically be located at your head office or data centre. Your end user will then use their internet browser to establish a secure SSL connection to this device. Then, after successful authentication, they’ll be provided with access to the necessary applications.

SSL VPN uses the SSL protocol found in all standard internet browsers, meaning that you won’t need additional client software (and the costs involved in maintaining it). And because almost all end user devices have a browser installed as standard, access can be provided from a multitude of locations and for a wide range of devices.

SSL offers flexible access control to let you fine-tune the service for different audiences, from roaming or mobile workers to external users coming from unmanaged endpoints. This reduces the risks that providing access to corporate resources from an untrusted device or network could present.


  • Secure access - to internal information and applications from any location and from any device with a standard web browser.
  • Award winning Secure Access solution - Juniper’s SSL VPN is market leading and has been acclaimed by a number of leading publications and research analysts.
  • Robust security - SSL VPN solutions support a wealth of advanced security capabilities, including: host integrity checking; granular definition and enforcement of access policies; control over specific end user functions such as copy, print and save; and extremely detailed logging/auditing of user activities.
  • Quick start service – this ensures you have an optimally deployed and configured service as well as the appropriate knowledge to define new roles and applications.
  • Granular access levels - can be provided based upon a number of end user credentials, ie connecting from a company-issued laptop, from a trusted network, ensuring they have the latest version of a software application etc. All of these decisions can determine what applications an end user has access to.
  • End point / Host checker - scans endpoints to ensure compliance with corporate security policies both before and during the session. Cache Cleaner removes session information from the PC after termination.
  • Flexibility - support for web-enabled application, client server applications and legacy applications.
  • Detailed auditing records - facilitates security reviews and regulatory compliance.
  • High availability solutions - coordinate pairs of systems using stateful peering and clustering techniques.


  • Reduced cost - one SSL VPN solution can be implemented to provide remote access for both internal and external users, and can also support business continuity. This reduces the cost and complexity of deploying and managing multiple solutions for multiple scenarios.
  • Lower total cost of ownership - no end user software required other than a standard internet browser which virtually all computers have.
  • Reduced risk – an effective remote access solution encourages the storage of sensitive data in the data centre and from relatively vulnerable client devices.  Effectively eliminates data loss or security breaches..
  • Simplicity – we’ll work with you to design, install and commission the service to your requirements. Leave it all to us..
  • Scalable - a broad range of devices means the remote access requirements of companies of all sizes. In the event of a disaster, like a fire, it may be necessary to relocate a large number of users to work remotely. SSL VPN can support the rapid deployment and sharp increase in end users.

That’s a relief.

Detailed Info

Managed VPN Services

Privacy perfected

SSL VPN uses the Secure Socket Layer, or Transport Layer Security protocol, to ensure data confidentiality, integrity, and authentication when a remote user connects to corporate resources.

Traditionally, SSL is only used to encrypt web browsing traffic. Clients can now send traffic other than web browsing through the SSL tunnel. For SSL to work, there needs to be an SSL capable client and server. Since all current web browsers are built with SSL support, it has effectively become a clientless protocol.

IPSec and SSL are not mutually exclusive and, in fact, are often deployed in the same business. Typically, IPSec VPN connects hosts to private networks, while SSL VPN connects users to services and applications within private networks.

We like to keep things private.


Our SSL VPNs are supported 24/7 by our team of dedicated support specialists and  backed by a first class business Service Level Agreement (SLA) that’s both comprehensive and competitive, demonstrating our commitment to providing you with a first class experience. Should your service fail to meet its targets, we'll credit your service. Thankfully, a rarity.