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Keeping everyone safely in the loop.


These days, it’s vital that applications and data can be shared between offices and remote users; this kind of sharing is essential to increasing productivity and providing more flexible working arrangements for your people. In addition, if you want to maintain that ‘special’ relationship with your suppliers, business partners (and whoever else), you need remote access. It’s as simple as that.

For some, it’s a pretty daunting and mind boggling task; what happens if it all goes wrong? That’s where our Managed VPN solution comes in, because it can easily support any number of remote users to make sure everything (and everyone) stays hunky dory - and in touch.

Put simply, our IP Security VPN (IPSec VPN) provides a secure, private tunnel between devices; the ideal way to extend your private network across the internet to a remote site or branch office.

Key features

  • You won’t find a more experienced team of dedicated security specialists. They’re passionate about keeping you secure.
  • VPN and user authentication, using Internet Key Exchange (IKE), Manual Key Exchange and X.509 digital certificates, RADIUS and SecurID™ token based authentication. Trust us, it’s safe.
  • Our fully managed solution includes monitoring, policy control/consultancy, software and patch upgrades as well as hardware maintenance. The whole caboodle, as they say.

How it Works

Hers's how it works

IPSec - or network layer - VPN uses a shared network to transport sensitive multi-protocol traffic using a combination of encryption and tunnelling functions. This means that your people can enjoy the same full, continuous access to your business network as if they were physically connected to it. Just the ticket for sharing resources between offices.

We can easily tailor our IPSec VPN to meet your specific remote access needs, using Juniper Networks integrated security devices that are both scalable and reliable. Naturally, we fully manage our service to ensure it can be deployed quickly and efficiently. It’s simple to use and is underpinned by a reassuring SLA, freeing up valuable resources, so you can focus on your business.

Essentially, IPSec VPN is a complete ‘ready-to-go’ management solution that safely provides roaming users with total connectivity to the business network. What’s more, it works with our Cable Modem, DSL, Leased Line and Ethernet connectivity solutions. This provides the flexibility required to meet the lower bandwidth, lower cost requirement of, say, a home worker or small office as well as the high bandwidth, high availability demands of big business.

Features & Benefits

‘Nuts and bolts’ features for peace of mind.


  • Brilliant hardware - The use of industry leading, award winning Juniper Netscreen integrated security devices to deliver the IPSec VPN services.
  • Fully managed service - 24/7 by our team of committed security specialists with over a decade of experience in providing information security services.
  • Comprehensive and competitive business Service Level Agreement - a single service provider for both your connectivity and security ensures tightly integrated solutions and a single point of responsibility.
  • VPN and user authentication - using Internet Key Exchange (IKE), Manual Key Exchange and X.509 digital certificates, RADIUS and SecurID™ token based authentication*.


  • Increased return on investment - an effective security solution significantly reduces threats, as a result decreasing downtime and lost business.
  • Reduced costs - no need to train or employ skilled security specialists or incur expensive operational costs.
  • Lower total cost of ownership - combining internet, intranet and extranet connectivity through the same VPN solution, reducing the cost and complexity of managing multiple networks. Scalability - new users and sites within a VPN can be complex and time consuming. Our tools enable VPNs to be created or changed easily with minimal impact.
  • Better use of resources - with us managing your Managed Firewall or Managed VPN service, your IT people are free to focus on your core business. 

It really is the way to go.

* Available with Managed VPN service only.

Detailed Info

We’re serious about your security

Our Managed VPN service provides you with a wide range of remote access solutions that can be used for securely connecting distributed sites, home workers, roaming workers, suppliers or customers. We can address specific needs by providing hardware-based and software client solutions. It’s the kind of flexibility that ensures cost effectiveness, performance and functionality.

Our Managed VPN can be deployed with most of our connectivity solutions, including Cable Modem, DSL, Leased Line and Ethernet. So, from the low bandwidth, low cost requirement of a home worker or small office, to the high bandwidth, high availability requirement of the corporate enterprise, we’ve got it covered.

To further enhance our Managed VPN service, we can provide a number of authentication options to help ensure the identity of remote access sites and users, including digital certificates, RADIUS and strong two-factor authentication using RSA SecurID™. If you have your own authentication solution, then we’ll simply configure the service to integrate with it.

We protect the integrity of your service by providing a first class business Service Level Agreement (SLA) that’s both comprehensive and competitive. In the unlikely event that your Managed Security Service fails to meet its targets, we'll credit your service. Like we said, we’re serious about security.