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Ethernet VPN

Run a range of applications on a fully managed VPN


Why choose Ethernet VPN?

If you’re interested in any of the benefits below, then you should be looking at Ethernet VPN:

  • High quality, high bandwidth connectivity
  • National connectivity between five or more sites 
  • The transfer of mission critical data 
  • Reliable voice, data and video applications between sites
  • Secure, centralised storage of data
  • Total and immediate control over your routing policy.
  • The simplicity of an Ethernet LAN between multiple sites

Cut your bandwidth and network management costs

We’re happy to announce that our customers have enjoyed significant reductions in both bandwidth and network management costs as well as benefiting from simplified network topologies and much more flexibility in managing IT across multiple sites.

Our Ethernet VPN provides the most flexible high speed wide area bandwidth connections available, enabling you to stay in charge of the evolution of your services. And you’ll also keep costs under control on the one hand, while easily managing bandwidth growth on the other. That’s what we call a solution. 

Voice & Data

Voice and data delivered quickly

Ethernet VPN’s affordable high throughput of data has allowed our customers to really open up their networks, leaving them free to deploy new services like IP CCTV, disaster recovery provision and Voice over IP.

Ethernet VPN networking delivers the flexibility and security to meet the needs, timescales and budget of your business, delivering both voice and data traffic, with the ability to prioritise traffic flow - and it’s all supported by the specialist network expertise of our project and service managers.

Being a layer 2 service, our customers are free to add their own layer 3 if they're networking needs demand it, whilst retaining total control over that routed outlay. This allows them to implement changes quite rapidly where their eneds are quite dynamic, all baed on our robust and high performance Ethernet VPN networking platform. 


What you'll get with Ethernet VPN

  • Multiple bandwidths – we offer bandwidths from 1Mbps to 1 Gbps and we can easily scale them to meet your requirements.
  • Any to any connectivity – Ethernet VPN reduces the dependency on central sites in hub and spoke networks built on traditional point to point networks. This gives greater resilience and allows you to reduce the bandwidth requirements into central sites.
  • Private and secure - Ethernet VPN utilises VLANs to provide security commitments across the network, with each customer’s traffic being partitioned from each other.
  • Simple to configure - because this is a packet switched network rather than a circuit switched network, adding new sites with connectivity to all the others in the VPN is far simpler than configuring logical connections over traditional VPNs. This makes it cheaper and more flexible. This means that you can manage your estate more easily, and the cost of removing people from one site for refurbishment or disaster scenarios and relocating them becomes very manageable.
  • Class of Service – along with our Quality of Service (QoS) guarantees, you can manage different traffic with different priorities across your network - increasingly important as IPvoice and video applications become more popular. We can prioritise business-critical applications over other traffic types, according to your requirements.
  • Layer 2 technology - Ethernet is transparent to the layer 3 routing protocols, which means that it supports a wider range of applications, which run on non-IP protocols. By contrast, an IPVPN can only run IP traffic.
  • Remote management - remote configuration and upgrading of VLANs means that most upgrades don’t require a site visit, offering a cost effective and efficient solution. Bandwidth can be upgraded remotely in 1Mb increments, as required.
  • 24 x 365 fully managed solution - a fully managed solution, covered by a robust service level agreement.
  • Online, real-time statistics - are available to ensure you have full transparency on your reporting requirements. 


What you'll get with Ethernet VPN

  • Reducing costs - Converged applications over a single physical link and a fully managed network means lower costs of setup and ownership than multiple networks.
  • Cost effective - Ethernet VPN charges are based on the cost of connecting to the VPN, not from site to site. This means that for each additional site only one connection is required to our network as opposed to two (A end and B end). As a result, costs fall even further.
  • Central management - Ethernet unblocks the WAN and creates a large LAN across multiple sites, opening up your network to sharing applications and allowing for data to be stored centrally or duplicated in a coordinated manner. This removes issues with maintaining multiple incidences of information such as HR policies or training materials.
  • Flexibility – an Ethernet VPN enables you to make decisions about geographical deployment of equipment based on the best use of your capital rather than on physical location. With minimal disruption, the access circuit connection onto the IP core network can be upgraded/downgraded.
  • Easier management - Ethernet networks are inherently simpler to deploy and manage than traditional WAN technology. This not only means management costs are reduced but it also frees up your people for other business-critical areas.
  • Easy to upgrade - because our Ethernet services are deployed over fibre, which has a much greater bandwidth capacity than copper, the complexities of upgrades are history.
  • Share resources - you can share the physical network resources between various departments/buildings, and still keep data segregated securely by the creation of multiple Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs). 

Detailed Info

Prioritise the important stuff

We offer seven classes of service, to ensure that the important stuff gets delivered ahead of lower priority traffic such as internet data, with each being allocated a percentage of the total bandwidth. We’ll also make sure that the end to end delay does not exceed a specified level - particularly important in real-time communications such as voice and video which can really slow things down.

Get all the support you need

Our Ethernet VPN Service Level Agreement includes:

  • Guaranteed Ready For service dates.
  • 24/7 helpline with a six-hour fault restoration guarantee, which includes any detected by us.
  • Annual availability guarantee backed by service credits for any failure to meet these targets.

See what you can do on your network

  • Latency 25ms.
  • Jitter less than 10ms. 
  • Packet delivery: better than 99.99%.

Fact is, our Ethernet VPN is so fast, blink and you’ll miss it.