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Ethernet Point-to-Point Networks

Hook up your sites, wherever they are


Bring your offices together and hook up your sites into a single network with Ethernet point-to-point – an ultra-fast, secure and flexible network that can connect just about anywhere

It makes sure all your networks operate as one, opening the door to increased collaboration and productivity across your sites, including nationwide with National Ethernet.

You can run voice, data and video between sites, making sharing business-critical information a breeze. You get the same speeds upstream and downstream, it's always on and there are no limits on how much of your bandwidth you use.

And because it’s completely flexible, it’s ready to grow with your business. There may be an extra charge, but if you need to change it just give us a call and we’ll find the best option for you.

How fast do you want it?

Choose the bandwidth to suit your business with speeds from 10Mbit/s up to 10Gbit/s.

Need more bandwidth? Get up to a whopping 400Gbit/s with High Capacity Services.

Want to connect to the internet? We can provide Ethernet connections that can do that too with speeds up to 1Gbit/s.

More about Ethernet internet.

The Benefits

Built to grow your business

Okay, so you're getting a super-fast, secure network to link your sites together - but that's not all. When you bring them together with us, you'll be able to:

  • Increase productivity by giving all your staff access to centralised applications and resources no matter which of your offices they’re in. It means you'll be able to share information and applications between departments and sites effortlessly.
  • Keep your budget under control – Ethernet is substantially more cost effective than traditional Leased Lines, ATM or Frame Relay. Plus, you’ll pay a fixed annual charge with no limits on how much of your capacity you use so you’ll always know what you’re spending
  • Scale it up as your business grows – if you need to handle a little more, just upgrade your bandwidth. In most cases we can sort it all out remotely so your network can keep on running while the upgrade takes place.
  • Stay in control of your network – keep a close eye on performance with online reporting tools. Just log in at any time and check out the performance on your circuit and see how traffic is performing on your circuit too.
  • Keep your data safe – your sites will be connected across our secure network. We can make sure it’s 2-2-4 compliant and meets all the Government requirements for the Public Services Network. Plus, add resilience options to make sure your data is always available.
  • Focus on the important stuff – you’ll get up to seven classes of service so you can prioritise packets of data to make sure the important stuff always gets the highest priority.
  • Lighten your load - choose a managed option and we’ll take the load off your shoulders. We’ll proactively manage the network for you and give you all the support you need 24/7.

What You'll Get

High performance, high security

Getting started with an Ethernet network is easy - it all runs within our nationwide fibre optic network and we can have it all set-up and running in no time

Performance you can rely on

When you link up your offices across our nationwide fibre optic network you'll get a connection that’s built for high performance.

We're talking round trip delays less than 30ms, less than 8ms jitter and packet delivery better than 99.9%.

Plus, with a managed network you'll get a business class SLA with a network availability target of 99.9%.

There are 7 classes of service too. That's 7 categories to wrap your data in, so you can set priorities to make sure the important stuff always gets through.

Security you can count on

All your ports are separate from other traffic on the network so it's wrapped up safe and sound.

It's separated at Layer 2 and as you own and manage all Layer 3 devices, the service will not be compromised by potentially insecure traffic such as general internet traffic.

We can make sure it’s 2-2-4 compliant and meets all the Government requirements for the Public Services Network. Plus, add resilience options to make sure you always have access to your business-critical data.

So nothing will get in the way of your business.

How It Works

Nationwide or local, we'll hook you up

Our Ethernet network can connect your sites wherever they are. Take a look at how we’ll do it for your organisation.

If your sites are within 25km of each other...

Link up with your neighbouring sites with a dedicated fibre path giving you a secure network for all your data, voice and video traffic with speeds up to 10Gbit/s.

It’s all pretty simple too. It works by plugging you in to our terminating equipment – there’s no need for new routing equipment and no technical wizardry involved.

Take your network nationwide...

Hook up your sites up and down the country with National Ethernet across our nationwide fibre optic network and you’ll get your own dedicated link from one site to another with speeds up to 10Gbit/s.

Your traffic is segregated from other traffic on the network to create a virtual LAN, giving you all the benefits of a local network over a wider area.

It’s up to you how to do it – from simple point-to-point links right through to multiple point-to-point for when a number of sites need to stay connected to a central location.

It’s fully managed and monitored by us 24/7 and you’ll be able to keep a close eye on the network with a web-based reporting tool so you’ll always know what’s happening on your network.