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Q&A with Sarah Covell, technical centre manager, BLOODHOUND SSC

Posted by Sarah Covell on 2nd January 2013

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1.   How important is a super-fast internet connection when it comes to the designing, building and launching of a supersonic car?

BLOODHOUND has a core team of 50 with an extended team of over 250 product sponsors all helping to contribute to the build of the world’s fastest car. Communication with these partners is critical in making sure we can keep the fast pace design and build process moving forward.  With a super-fast internet connection we are able to send out design data quickly, ready for manufacture. We can also hold video conference meetings allowing the engineers to discuss/share designs with manufacturers over the web, meaning less time out of the office and more time designing. All in all, this super-fast connectivity is helping us reach our goal of developing a car that can travel 1000mph.

2.    What other benefits has the new network provided the BLOODHOUND team with?

The new network has also allowed us to remotely connect to the office via a VPN, so we have more flexibility in terms of working hours. It also means that remote office workers have direct access to resources without needing someone based in the office to forward on the resources they need. Along with the super-fast internet connection, our ISDN30 telephone line means all staff now have a direct telephone line to our desks (we previously had one phone servicing 25 people) and so do our remote workers.

3.    How do you think the launch of the supersonic car will inspire the next generation of  engineers, inventors and scientists in the future?

The main objective of BLOODHOUND is to inspire the next generation of scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians. BLOODHOUND has a dedicated education team, who are going out into schools, colleges and universities to demonstrate that jobs in science, technology, engineering and Maths (STEM subjects) can be exciting and very rewarding. We aim to demonstrate this through the technological boundaries we’re pushing, from the stresses of a wheel rotating at 10,500rpm, to the G-forces exerted on the driver, through to how we can stream live data from something travelling at 1,000mph.

 4.    Why is technological innovation so important?

Without technological innovation, the world would be a very boring place! It is human nature to be inquisitive and venture into the unknown. We have to innovate in order to improve the world we live in.  We need the children of today to take up careers in STEM subjects in order to invent the world of tomorrow. Without them, we could find ourselves struggling to keep on top of our ever-increasing population in terms of resources like food, energy and water.


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