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Today’s universities must be savvy in attracting tomorrow’s students

Posted by Lee Hull on 13th November 2012

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The University of Warwick has been crowned as the UK’s most digitally savvy university. We recently took a look at the innovative methods universities use to attract students and Warwick scored a huge 92% against our criteria. Universities were judged on their innovative use of intranets, virtual tours, and a social media presence. The University of Newcastle and University College London (UCL) also impressed us with their digital outreach, using 11 out of the 13 communications channels.

Ken Punter, head of digital and online communications at University of Warwick said he was honoured to be awarded the title of the most ‘digitally savvy’ university. He also explained the importance of utilising these online channels:

“For us digital communication is a key medium not just for addressing students and potential students but for a vast range of international audiences that are crucial for a globally connected University such as Warwick.”

Reading an article in The Telegraph about foreign students’ deserting the UK in favour of improving Asian universities further highlights that universities are competing globally and cannot rest on their laurels. Almost all 18-24 year olds in the UK use the internet, so universities need to be tapping into this and showing that the world that the UK is at the cutting edge of education.

Competing on a world stage means these universities are using and storing an enormous amount of data. Online webinars, virtual campus tours and podcasts all put a great deal of stress on a network. Add to this the fact that connected cities are becoming a reality and lessons will increasingly rely on technology to engage with its students, it’s essential that universities prepare for this. Working with a suitable service provider means universities can stay one step ahead of the global competition by harnessing a network capable of keeping up with tomorrow’s technology – which is already here.


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