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The future of broadcasting: HD, 3D, 4K… what’s next?

Posted by Duncan Higgins on 1st August 2014

The broadcasting industry is evolving at warp-speed: that much is clear to even the most technologically illiterate amongst us. Gone are the days when live streaming and catch-up TV were considered exciting.  Traditional broadcasters know that we now live in an interactive and ‘anywhere, anytime’ society and they need to innovate accordingly. In the latest run of broadcast developments, we don’t have to look further than the Commonwealth Games, which kicked off in style in Glasgow last week. We’ve teamed up with the BBC to help provide Ultra-HD broadcasting of the Games – otherwise known as 4K TV.Providing high-speed fibre optic connectivity between the stadia and the BBC’s R&D facilities in Glasgow science centre and Salford, people at these venues will get the chance to see...

Growing up in a completely connected world

Posted by Duncan Higgins on 23rd April 2014

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘school’? Blackboards, books, pens and paper – the traditional image of a classroom – a nice, familiar image, but one that is no longer relevant for the world as it is today.We now live in a completely connected society, where we must all constantly keep up with the latest innovations. Out with the blackboards, in with the smart boards; and forget pencil sharpeners – just don’t forget to sharpen your typing skills. What this means is that children are now learning to use the latest technology not just in the way they spend their free time – on smartphones and iPads – but also in the way they study and are taught at school. As part of their goal to educate, schools now need to be immersed in digital technology. But there are many challen...

Drum roll please, and the winners are….

Posted by Fred Sworder on 13th March 2014

After months of scouring the country, last night we finally unveiled the winners of our Three New Things competition, at an exclusive event at London’s Film Museum.  It’s been weeks of secret planning and a fortnight of suspense for the winning entries, but we can finally bring them to light. And so, it is left to us to introduce our Three New Things set to shape the future. Three over Seven:Bringing custom-fit footwear to the masses through scanning technology on your mobile phone.

Using proprietary foot scanning technology on your mobile phone to create custom, 3D printed, soles for footwear. This would be the first viable consumer product brought to market with this technology. CubeSat-3D:Changing the economics of space with 3D printed satellites.

By making 3D-printed thermoplastic...

The Judges’ Debate

Posted by Fred Sworder on 5th March 2014

After months of searching high and low across the UK for the next three big digital innovations, it came down to our judges to make the all-important decision and decide which ideas will be crowned our Three New Things.Poring over the entries last week, each of our judges brought different perspectives to the selection process – whether it was Monty Mumford’s media experience, Dr Ling’s academic perspective or Ella Weston’s commercial prowess. One thing they all agreed on though was the sheer talent and innovation that is emerging across the UK. Battling down the shortlist was a truly difficult process but the day’s debate left everyone feeling inspired and motivated by the ten amazing entries that made it. Still, there could only be three winners. In the end it came down to whic...

The Public Sector Revolution

Posted by Mario DiMascio on 28th February 2014

Working with services across the public sector day in, day out, we like to think we understand a thing or two about how they operate. It’s no secret that spending cuts have been a real pressure point, but thinking about smarter, sharper ways of doing things also presents a massive opportunity. As users of public services, we expect a lot. Whether it’s our A&E departments, local councils or schools, we expect them to deliver the very best service – and technology has a big part to play. Flexible working and shared buildings are two great examples of how we’re starting to work differently. We found almost half of all public sector authorities are now using flexible working, meaning employees can get the job done wherever they are. Meanwhile, we’re becoming a more collaborative...

The wait is (almost) over! Three New Things announces shortlist of 10 best entries…

Posted by Fred Sworder on 26th February 2014

Last Friday we closed the window and fastened the hatches on entries for Three New Things.

After rallying the best and brightest digital entrepreneurs from up and down the country, it’s now decision time…

We’ve sorted, whittled and filtered through the entries to come up with a shortlist of ten in with a chance at making the final cut.

The official judging day is happening this Thursday, bringing together the UK’s most respected technophiles across the public and private sector, academia and the media. Led by our Managing Director, Peter Kelly, we’re looking forward to seeing them fight their corner to champion their favourite entries. 

So here we are… A quick download of the mighty 10.  

Capito Systems 

Intelligent voice assistant technology, integrated into e-commerce apps, so u...

Roll up, roll up! Calling all final entries for Three New Things

Posted by Fred Sworder on 20th February 2014

With just a couple of days left until the entry deadline for Three New Things, Fred Sworder is calling for one final flood of entries… Our search for the three of the next ‘big things’ has already thrown up some pretty exciting ideas from far and wide across the UK. We’ve had entries from entrepreneurs in Edinburgh, companies in Cambridge, students in Sheffield, businesses in Birmingham, new ideas from Northern Ireland, and all sorts from everywhere else in between, each hoping to grab the attention of our expert panel, who we announced here on Monday But we still want more! As the clock keeps ticking, we’re looking on the final hunt for the UK’s best and brightest tech innovators to get them out from behind their computers and through our doors. We think it’s up to big businesses (as...

Introducing the Three New Things panel

Posted by Fred Sworder on 17th February 2014

As Three New Things goes into extra time, Fred Sworder reveals the names and the brains that will be deciding the winners…We think we’re pretty good at spotting innovative ideas – especially where digital is concerned.  But when it comes to Three New Things, we’re calling in the cavalry in the form of five national tech experts.  After all, it’s what this competition is all about: bringing brave, ambitious new ideas to the attention of top technology influencers to help them succeed.  Today we’ve unveiled the tastemakers and technophiles that will decide which ideas will win.  Our judges comprise some of the UK’s most respected innovators and entrepreneurs – drawn from public and private sector, academia and the media.  Led by our resident ICT expert and Managing D...

Three New Things - The Creation

Posted by Fred Sworder on 7th February 2014

With the deadline nearing in our search for the next three game-changing innovations, we’ve invited a member of the Three New Things team to update us on how it’s going…Firstly, we’re delighted with the response we’ve had, it’s really exciting seeing the calibre of entries that have come in already. The number and quality of entries so far has been just remarkable.As this is our first update, I wanted to give you a better understanding of why we’re here, what our goal is, and maybe add a little colour around why we decided to go ahead with Three New Things.It’s hard to say where any idea comes from, but when you look at the UK’s economy and see that 8% of our GDP comes from digital, higher than any other G20 country, that’s a figure that we felt needed to be celebrated.At Virgin Media Busi...

Digital horizon 2025: What’s in store?

Posted by Dr James Bellini on 4th February 2014

A lot can happen in those eleven years to the mid-2020s – just go backwards the same time-span. TIME magazine’s ‘Coolest Invention of 2003’ was Apple’s iTunes Music Store, ranked ahead of the fish-skin bikini and self-parking cars. Fun stuff, perhaps, but no big digital deal. In contrast, I guarantee the journey to 2025 will be driven by powerful techno-trends that will change all the rules.

Some historical perspective. We are entering the third generation of information technology. First came the mainframe era – highly centralised around Big Iron and really just about data processing. IT professionals were white-coated high priests of the computer age who worked their magic in isolated, air conditioned facilities and took lunch separately in roped-off sections of the office canteen.

Then ca...