Executive Director, Commercial Marketing


The digital revolution is shaping the way we live and work. We are more connected than ever to our families, friends and professional life. Amazing technology creates the freedom for us all to work smarter, live more balanced lives and spend more time with the people that matter to us. As traditional work and personal lives blend into one another we can harness the power of technology to transform society into the future.

The best thing I've experienced at Virgin Media Business so far...

My best experience in Virgin so far… definitely the 2016 Sparkle awards, our brilliant reward and recognition event where we celebrated, championed and thanked our incredible people for not only what they have achieved but, more importantly, how they do it. Being in a room with over 300 of our award winners made me feel extremely proud of our people.

What got me here...

Persistence, passion, and a constant determination to succeed is what has driven my career forward, I was fortunate to get some incredible opportunities as the mobile market matured, but you have to grab hold of those moments when they arise. Talent will always get you in the door, but a tireless work ethic combined with a never say die mentality will maximise your chances of making it to the top.

The best advice I've ever given

It’s an expression that causes much amusement amongst my team when I am presented with an issue, opportunity or challenge “Show me the data”. Business intelligence and accurate data, in whatever format, is fundamentally important in getting the right answers and results for both business growth and for our customers.

Favourite business saying...

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got”.

My personal hero...

Alex Ferguson – he was born and bred into a working class background and took all his chances in life, he repeatedly created and built amazing teams and after he retired he has shared his managerial secrets with the rest of us to learn from his legacy.  His leadership style starts from the premise that winning is everything, no one individual is greater than the sum of the whole and that having a never say die mentality breeds success. This really rings true with me and I happen to be a massive fan of Man Utd and will never forget that night in 1999 when everything he stood for played out like a fairytale!