The Voom Tour 2017


Where: Fargate - by H&M and the Town Hall, Sheffield
When: 20 June
Time: 11am - 5pm

Join our festival of business, with a major twist of rock 'n' roll

Hiya! The Voom Tour 2017 is rockin' the north. 

Our big red bus will be pulling up at Fargate, packed with social media, advertising and accounting pros, who want to share their knowledge with you. 

And best of all - it's all totally free. Ready to #VOOM? 


Up for it?

Register now to let us know you’re coming. 

Tuesday 20 June 2017

What’s on board?

Unleash your #VOOM (and get free advice and more)

The point of the bus is to give you everything you need to unleash your business. Whatever’s holding you back, it won’t be for much longer. We have 1-to-1s and workshops with our friends in advertising, crowdfunding, marketing and more.

Win £5,000 with
Voom Pitch

Reckon you've got what it takes to impress a panel of experts? 

Enter your pitch at an upcoming stop and, if it's one of our six selections, you'll be competing on the day for a chance to win cash for your business - and brunch with Richard Branson. 

Voom Pitch isn't running in Sheffield, but there are plenty of other stops to choose from. 

See you on the tour!



The Agenda



The big red doors swing open. Grab a coffee and climb aboard. 



Is crowdfunding right for you? Learn the pros and cons in a 1-to-1 with Crowdfunder. 



Paul Hutchinson explains what our ultrafast roll out means to Sheffield – and your business. 



An insider’s guide to investment from Crowdfunder: avoid the pitfalls with these top tips.



‘Digital marketing demystified’ by Bernadette Kelly, Digital Director of ActiveWin Media.



Dan Cluderay, pioneering founder of Approved Foods explains 'How digital transformed my business’.



Chris Reed, of Restless Communication on ‘The power of social media’.



That’s all folks! See you next year.



This is one bus trip that's totally free. Come aboard and enjoy everything on offer – it's on us.

Location address:

Fargate - by H&M and the Town Hall,
S1 2HH

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Vibe Ticket is a fan-to-fan ticket exchange, that has outed the tout. "It's given me the leverage to communicate to thousands of people we wouldn't have had the time, money or expertise to reach..."

Luke Massie.



Arthur Kay co-founder of BioBean talks with broadcaster Nikki Bedi about his success…


#VOOM helped to take MacRebur from concept to fully-fledged business, today valued at £7m.


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"Voom Pitch really gave us a new platform. So many more people heard about the work we were doing and wanted to get behind us and support us."

Iseult Ward, Food Cloud


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