The Voom Tour 2017


Where: The Business Show 2017,
Royal Victoria Dock, 1 Western Gateway
When: 17–18 May
Time: 11am – 5.30pm

Join our festival of business, with a major twist of rock 'n' roll

Hi London! The Voom Tour 2017 is coming to your neck of the woods. Come find us at The Business Show (it’s free!) to get a bit more #VOOM in your tank. Track us down at stand number 4030. 


Up for it?

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Wednesday 17 May 2017

Thursday 18 May 2017

Find out more about the Great British Business Show 

What’s on board?

Unleash your #VOOM (and get free advice and more)

The point of the bus is to give you everything you need to unleash your business. Whatever’s holding you back, it won’t be for much longer. We have 1-to-1s and workshops with our friends in advertising, crowdfunding, marketing and more.

Plus, talk to us about getting more speed than you need with Voom Fibre, and maybe even win a year’s worth of it

Win £5,000 at Voom Pitch

We’re not launching Voom Pitch until next year, but in London we’ll be running a mini pitching competition on the bus.

If you want to enter, you’ll need to apply to book your slot ahead of time. 



Social media 1-to1s

All day, every day

Get tweeted about and generally sort out your social. 


LinkedIn 1-to-1s

All day, every day

Get insider tips to power up your profile, and a professional headshot taken for free.


PR 1-to-1s

All day, every day

Our PR guru will talk you through how to get your business some solid coverage.


Advertising 1-to-1s

All day, every day

JCDecaux (the UK's number one out-of-home advertising company) will give personalised advice on how make your business billboard-worthy.


Crowdfunding 1-to-1s

All day, every day

Has got what you need to plug those financial gaps? Come and weigh up the pros and cons with the people that know.



Where we'll be

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Tickets to The Business Show 2017 are free, for more information visit thier site.

Location address:

Excel London: 
Royal Victoria Dock,
1 Western Gateway,
E16 1XL

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Bringing you the latest from the Voomisphere…



Vibe Ticket is a fan-to-fan ticket exchange, that has outed the tout. "It's given me the leverage to communicate to thousands of people we wouldn't have had the time, money or expertise to reach..."

Luke Massie.



Arthur Kay co-founder of BioBean talks with broadcaster Nikki Bedi about his success…


#VOOM helped to take MacRebur from concept to fully-fledged business, today valued at £7m.



What’s stopping you?
See you on the road.

Why enter Voom Pitch?

We asked last year's entrants...
… and 77% of semi-finalists said they’d 
do it again. Let them tell you why.


"Voom Pitch really gave us a new platform. So many more people heard about the work we were doing and wanted to get behind us and support us."

Iseult Ward, Food Cloud


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