The Voom Tour 2017

We’re taking #VOOM on the road...

It’s our festival of business, with a major twist of rock ‘n’ roll. We’re visiting loads of locations across the UK and Ireland between May and November 2017.

At some, you can snag mentoring sessions and 1-to-1s with PR, social media, advertising and accounting pros. At all, you'll find like-minded entrepreneurs to build relationships with over free food and coffee, plus you'll see, first hand, how our £3bn network investment can help you #VOOM.

At selected dates you can enter the main event, Voom Pitch. You’ll get lots of publicity, just by taking part. And if you win, you might need to clear a date in your diary for dinner with Richard Branson. Yes, seriously. Plus, £5,000 in cash. Up for it? 

Meet the experts

If you already read our Insights this is your chance to meet some of our experts in person. Brilliant people including judges from past competitions, previous winners, Voom Pioneers and partners, our PR and social media agencies, members of our talented team and our LinkedIn Professionals.



Practise your pitch

The Voom Tour 2017 is the perfect opportunity to discuss and develop your business ideas. Mini pitch competitions on the Voom Bus give you the chance to practise your pitch and get some publicity and no-strings advice from the experts on board. Plus, there are cash prizes to be won.


Our network is going places

We’re spending £3 billion to expand our fibre optic network and are coming to a town or business park near you to show you how great connectivity can help you unleash your business potential.

So check out a  Voom Tour location near you on our interactive map and swing by for a chat and a coffee.  We want know what's holding you back because we're here to help.

The Voom Tour Map


Official Voom Partners


The news feed

Bringing you the latest from the Voomisphere…



Vibe Ticket is a fan-to-fan ticket exchange, that has outed the tout. "It's given me the leverage to communicate to thousands of people we wouldn't have had the time, money or expertise to reach..."

Luke Massie.



Arthur Kay co-founder of BioBean talks with broadcaster Nikki Bedi about his success…


#VOOM helped to take MacRebur from concept to fully-fledged business, today valued at £7m.



What’s stopping you?
See you on the road.

Why enter Voom Pitch?

We asked last year's entrants...
… and 77% of semi-finalists said they’d 
do it again. Let them tell you why.


"Voom Pitch really gave us a new platform. So many more people heard about the work we were doing and wanted to get behind us and support us."

Iseult Ward, Food Cloud


Accelerate your business growth
with information, advice and more

The Voom Tour is go! 

Join us on the road for mentoring sessions, expert 1-to-1s, and free coffee.