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After 14 demanding weeks of all-out #VOOM, six finalists pitched live to our all-star panel: Richard Branson, Tyra Banks, Sara Blakely, Marcus Butler and Peter Kelly. It was up to them to select our winners.

Prizes were awarded to exceptional businesses in two categories. The first, Start-Up, was made for businesses in their earliest stages, looking for a leg-up. The second was Grow, a category designed to celebrate businesses who have already made their mark but need our help to get to the next level.



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Last year's winners: watch their stories

Category: Grow


Waste coffee grounds-to-fuels

“Voom gave BioBean the funding to actually launch our first consumer-facing product.”

Arthur Kay 


Category: Startup


Putting waste plastics into roads to make them 60% stronger

“Voom’s been huge for us. A big part of it is being taken seriously.”

Toby McCartney


FoodCloud has now redistributed more than 12 million meals to communities in the UK and Ireland.

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Vibe Tickets now has 170,000 Twitter followers and more than 35,000 app downloads.

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Category: Startup


Multifunction electric scooter

“We have been networking with other Voomers and the mentors, which is very valuable.”

Sumi Wang


Category: Grow

Food Cloud

Surplus food charity

“Voom gave us a new platform. So many more people heard about the work we were doing.”

Iseult Ward


Category: Startup

Vibe Tickets

Fan-to-fan ticket exchange

“I get tweets from Richard Branson himself – which is always good.”

Luke Massie


#VOOM helped to take MacRebur from concept to fully-fledged business, today valued at £7m.

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Voom Pitch is the UK and Ireland's biggest and most valuable pitching competition. It’s your chance to pitch to Richard Branson and win a share of £1million (€1.2million) in prizes.



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