Making sense of one-ff and recurring charges on your bill, plus common questions answered

We get lots of calls from customers seeking to understand their bill - as it can be confusing, especially when you get connected for the first time - so we've brought together answers to the most common queries here. It'll help to have a copy of your bill with you while you read this.

  1. The first bill you receive from us
  2. Subsequent bills.
  3. Your final bill from us.

1. The first bill you receive from us

A lot of people wonder why their first bill is higher than they expected it to be, there are a few key reasons for this. Like most providers, we bill you a month in advance for your broadband. Also, there can be up to a month's usage before you're billed (depending on when you had the service installed, and the billing date).

This means there can be up to 2 month's worth of broadband charges in your first bill. In addition, your first bill will contain any one-off charges (like installation fee), and charges for telephony or other services that are billed after usage. We've put together a bill explainer (PDF, 4.1MB) and a video for you below, to address this in more detail.

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2. Subsequent bills

Some common items that may appear on your bill, explained:

  1. TV or HSI charges: This is a summary of your broadband or TV charges for the month (in advance).
  2. Telephony charges: Here's the total call charges for the month to date, a detailed summary of which can be found on the following pages.
  3. Line rental charges: These are included in your monthly broadband summary, and are billed in advance.
  4. Feature charges: These are charges for extras like call forwarding and voicemail, billed in advance.
  5. Discounts: Any discounts applied to your bill will appear here.
  6. Adjustments: This is where you'll see amended charges, in the event you've experienced a problem with our services.

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We've put together a bill explainer (PDF, 4.1MB) and a video for you below, to cover this in more detail.


3. Your final bill from us

If you decide to disconnect a service or your service otherwise ends, we'll credit the rental charged on your previous bill, provided you've met the minimum contract period. Should you wish to cancel a service prior to the minimum contract period, you'll be liable to pay an early disconnection charge. We'll add this to your final bill.