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When it comes to providing the best levels of care for your clients, a positive waiting-room experience for patients and beauty clients is not to be neglected. OK, it might not be the area you trained in. And it isn’t even the main reason your clients come to you. But the opportunity to check emails while waiting for hair colour to set, or order repeat prescriptions through your website or app, could be the decider between you and your closest competitor.

Voom Fibre

Business Broadband.
Speeds up to 350Mbps and 500Mbps.

From £32 a month.

Legal stuff applies*


How can Voom Fibre unleash your business?

Connectivity solutions for
healthcare providers

By unleashing blisteringly quick broadband and WiFi, you can spend less time on the admin, and more time with the people who need you most. A full-feature phone system will also help put a smile on everyone’s face.


Take your phone online

For enhanced functionality, check out Cloud Voice. This is a way of taking your calls online and offers a full-feature call system for everyone. With full-on collaboration tools as standard. It’s a simple way of getting multiple phones across your premises and the option for your staff to use the phones as intercoms to talk to each other.

Cloud Voice also allows receptionist functions that can integrate with booking systems. Bundle Cloud Voice with your broadband connection for great value.


Secure your phone connection

If your surgery or therapy rooms need little more than a single phone line for incoming calls, add an unlimited* call package for a great value contact solution that guarantees zero unexpected bills and provides a local number for a local presence. We can also provide you with a freephone or non-geographic number.

We can also provide you with a freephone or non-geographic number.


Provide a great customer experience

Whether you run a health and beauty spa, or a GP, dental or vet practice, your clients and patients come to you for your skills and expertise. But are you offering them everything you can? What about when they’re in your waiting room? Studies show that a significant proportion of people would choose to return to a location that offers WiFi.

To help them get online, just add a second router so that you can keep one for business and offer the second for guest use. Check out our firewalls for extra levels of security and keep your data secure. Choose Option 2 or Option 3 of our Voom Fibre connection for an upload speed of more than 10Mb (vital if your clients want to share pictures of their latest hairdo!) or you’d like to offer online booking facilities.


* Unlimited calls to UK local, regional, national, mobile and selected international destinations, included as standard with Voom Fibre broadband and phone bundles (landline calls unmetered for the first 60 minutes and UK mobiles for the first 10 minutes).

We’ve bought iPads for the Fundraising Team so they’re able to gather donators’ data in real-time. Also, being in touch with our retail staff and volunteers has meant we’re able to organise more events, leading to more fundraising activity than ever before


Secure your premises

With Voom Fibre Option 3 you’ll get five static IPs and that means you’ll be able to support security products such as CCTV and firewalls (to protect your customer data and meet your data protection responsibilities).

You’ll also need at least one static IP if you need to host your server on your own premises. This is the address that is assigned to your computer. A static one stays the same, a dynamic one is more like a temporary phone number.


Make running your business easier with Cloud Apps

When you get online, you can make the most of a range of Cloud Apps to support your business. For example, with Voom Fibre you can seamlessly run Microsoft Office 365 applications and make the most of benefits such as file back-ups (minimise the worry of losing data), real time collaboration, instant messaging and security features.

Choose Option 2 or Option 3 of Voom Fibre to access discounts on Microsoft Office 365 licences. You’ll also be able to benefit from features such as business class email with 50Gb inboxes that can send hefty emails of up to 150Mb.


Raise your
online profile

A website can be one of the strongest and most direct ways you can communicate with your clients and patients outside of your own premises.

It can help you enhance your Customer Relationship Management by allowing your to clients book appointments, secure repeat prescriptions and leave feedback via your website. It also gives you the chance to promote health and well-being with advice on how to stay tip-top between appointments.


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