Bring your phone system into the 21st Century

Our Enterprise Cloud Voice solution replaces your old school telephone platform and provides you with a Voice over IP (VoIP) solution that uses our data network to support your voice and data needs.

This means you can go from browsing the web and sending information through to making voice calls, host conference calls, Instant Message or share documents – all through the same connection.

Cloud Voice is an IP Centrex product. It is part of our VoIP portfolio, which includes SIP Trunking. If you’re looking for a full end-to end service where we sort you out with everything, Cloud Voice is the solution for you.

If you simply need to make and receive calls over your existing data connectivity, SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Trunking is your answer.

Benefits of Cloud Voice

  • This VoIP solution is ideal for both small businesses and large corporations who want to move away from legacy phone systems
  • Get the latest software, automatic updates and no hardware to maintain

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Advantages of Enterprise Cloud Voice

Future-proof your business with a digital platform

By migrating your landlines to an IP-based communications system now, you can free yourself from old school phone lines and embrace the latest technologies.  We'll keep it bang up to date with auto updates and free you from needing to maintian hardware.

A single phone number works anywhere, which means you can to

Agile? Flexible? Remote? Millennial? Yes to all and more. VoIP cares little about geography, so why should you

Integrate seamlessly with your office systems

Work easily with other software like Microsoft Office 365 and Skype for Business. Integrate Cloud Voice with your CRM systems and leverage your exisitng software investments for a seamless one-click voice user experience.


Increase efficiency and cut costs

Internal calls are free and other calls are competitively priced. What’s not to love?

Keep your number, wherever you are

If you move business premises, there’s no need to change your phone number. And if a disaster happens, you can configure call-forwarding on your portal.

Set up is simple

There are no up-front costs or capex required - and no technical knowledge needed to switch an entire business from traditional landlines. All the maintenance and updates will be done for you. Cloud Voice will always be patched with the latest security updates. Without you spending another penny.


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