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Home page News 2012 Clinical systems at Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust run faster with treatment from Virgin Media Business

Clinical systems at Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust run faster with treatment from Virgin Media Business

Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust is speeding up response times for patients and cutting costs thanks to a brand new network from Virgin Media Business. The £3 million network will connect 65 sites including, learning centres, health clinics and hospitals, and Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust’s corporate Head Quarters, located in South East London.

Virgin Media Business’ solution replaces the old N3 network with a new one designed to meet the Trust’s exact needs, and once fully rolled out, will give Oxleas’ 4000 care workers access to data speeds of up to 1000 Megabits per second (Mbps). The super-fast network will enable teams at hospitals and clinics to spend more time with patients and less time waiting for emails to send or databases to load. The solution designed by Virgin Media Business saved £300,000 per year compared to alternative solutions..

The network will be fully rolled out by the end of the year, but staff and citizens have already begun realising the benefits of a bandwidth boost. Before IT systems at Oxleas’ health clinics and hospitals ran painfully slowly, resulting in frontline staff spending time waiting around for patient records to load or large files to be downloaded from emails. With more available bandwidth, staff will be able to communicate faster and have access to more innovative digital technology. The Trust has already begun installing IP voice facilities and it is looking to equip staff with video conferencing and remote working capabilities to help make sure that they can communicate, wherever they happen to be.

Tristan David, Head of ICT, Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust said: “Being able to support patients every step of the way is incredibly important to us. We know that new technology can really help us to cut down response times and ensure that staff spend more time where they’re needed, at the point of care. But that requires a lot more bandwidth. Our previous design was unable to meet the demands of digital services like IP voice and video, and as a result our corporate and clinical systems were running far too slowly.”

Tristan continues, “Virgin Media Business took the time to listen, and worked with us to design a solution that met our needs perfectly, it’s helped to boost performance and support new ways of working. We’re working hard to introduce innovative services to staff and patients and Virgin Media Business has helped us to make vital changes to our IT that will help us take advantage of new technology and dramatically improve our bottom line.”

Lee Hull, director of public sector, Virgin Media Business said: “NHS trusts are under a lot of pressure to cut costs, whilst safeguarding frontline care and improving efficiency of the services they provide. We’re pleased to be providing the infrastructure that has been key in helping Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust to do just that. By working directly with the team at Oxleas we’ve been able to deliver a tailored network solution, that’s helped to reduce their  expected costs by £300,000 a year – that’s a lot of money that can be pumped back into improving care services instead. With every pound spent being closely watched by the Government, public sector organisations often find it hard to justify the cost required to install the latest technologies. But this example is proof that high-speed networks can deliver better frontline care at the same time as cost savings.”