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Video Case Studies

True stories from Virgin Media Business

Hillarys and Virgin Media Business

Digital Disruption with Virgin Trains 

Bloodhound SSC


Hampshire Public Services Network

The Hampshire and Isle of Wight (HIOW) Partnership includes numerous local authorities and public service organisations. The contract to supply its existing network was coming to an end and the whole network needed a massive overhaul to help meet current demand,future growth and government targets.



THECUBE, an organisation in London's Shoreditch, is feeding the UK start-up revolution by offering an incubation space to fast-growth businesses and entrepreneurs. It's giving businesses the space and infrastructure to share ideas. And by collaborating with Virgin Media Business it now has the technology to help put these ideas into action.


Lancashire and Cumbria Telestroke solution

Lancashire and Cumbria NHS have pooled resources to create an out of hours telestroke service, ensure any patient can have quick access to a stroke specialist when they need one.

Cambridgeshire PSN

With a need to work to tighter budgets and use technology to improve services across the community, local governments have been coming together to innovate and get the best of both worlds. The Cambridgeshire Public Services Network (CPSN) is a framework initiative that's been doing just that, seeing real success by getting more and more partners to use it and so spread improvements to all corners of the county. It now gives staff the right tools to deliver better services to citizens and public sector personnel.