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Business Types

Small or large, there’s always room to grow

(up to 99 people)

The size of your bank account is one way to measure your business. But it’s not our way. We're inspired by ambition. We'd like to help you cross the divide.

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Our solutions and expertise make us the ideal partner for larger businesses who want to transform the way they work.

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Wholesale Markets

Many of our partners use our powerful fibre-optic network to deliver their own services to their customers.

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System Integrators

We can approach systems integrators with more elasticity when it comes to cost, service level agreements and contract terms.

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Public Sector

We have a long history of delivering digitally progressive services to local governments and public sector organisations. From healthcare and social care, to education and emergency services, our platform is powerful enough and flexible enough to deliver solutions that are right for your budget, your staff and your citizens.

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