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Our Approach

There’s no escaping complexity in a technology-based market. But together, we can find – and seize – the opportunities that allow your organisation to overcome its challenges and meet its goals.

“What are your objectives and what’s stopping you from achieving them?” That’s the first thing we’ll want to know before you become a Virgin Media Business customer.

Whatever you want to achieve after that, know that we'll always be there for you. In fact, with 40 offices across the UK, we’re probably closer than you think.

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Agility and flexibility

We know that one size never fits all. So if necessary, we’ll rewrite the rulebook to get your business exactly what it needs.

For instance, in 2013 we hit a capacity milestone for one of our customers – data centre operator Redstation. To break the deadlock, we found a way for the organisation to offer its customers speeds of 100gbit/s – a UK first. Now, with our scalable service, Redstation can dial capacity up and down as needed.

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Listening to our customers is how we understand their challenges. Being creative with our solutions is how we help them achieve their goals.

That’s how we approached the task of bringing Wi-Fi to the London Underground. This first-to-market solution required both foresight and creativity. The project was a success and we’re still working to make it even better – increasing bandwidth so that people can do more online from the Tube platform.

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We not only have expert product knowledge, we also have a strategic and a practical understanding of how they're implemented.

Most of our customers have IT departments who know what our do products and how they work. They don't need another ‘IT expert’. So what we offer are people to get your strategy in place quickly.

To make this a reality, we really need to know what you're trying to achieve as an organisation. And that's why the first question we'll ask is: 'Do you want to connect, consolidate or transform?'

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Local Teams

Our network and products are just one half of how we can help your business unlock its full potential. The other is our people..

With over 40 offices across the country, we’re closer than you think. And whether you’re a multi-site organisation or a smaller local business, you’ll always receive flexibility and tailored problem solving.

As soon as we start working together, we’ll tackle any immediate issues you may have, and we’ll help you find ways to harness our network in order to push your longer-term business plans ahead.

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